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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Fool Killer on cowcatcherPART NINETEEN: James Larkin Pearson, creator of this new Fool Killer, featured a complaint that I can relate to, since I go through the same thing here at Balladeer’s Blog – “Democrats write and ask me to lambaste the Republicans and Republicans write and suggest that I cuss out the Democrats. All right, boys, I am going to comply with both requests, and then you will both be mad.” 

That also captures the position of Charles Napoleon Bonaparte Evans of the Milton Chronicle when he began the Fool Killer Letters around 1850. Evans and his Fool Killer (Jesse Holmes) were Whigs who bashed both the Democrats and the Republicans. After the Civil War, Evans and his Fool Killer bashed both the Democrats of the Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Carpetbaggers. 

Coincidentally, James L Pearson and his Fool Killer observed that (just like today) the upheavals wracking the world of 1919 were proceeding from the bottom UP, so the “Silk Hat Brigade” at the top of the power and money structure (think of today’s Corporate Globalists) were the people least capable of understanding the emerging changes.

The Fool Killer’s targets in this October, 1919 edition: 

*** Sleazy, money-hungry Preachers were taken to the woodshed yet again this time around. The Fool Killer loved preying on them because of their hypocrisy and corruption. And remember, this was long before Sinclair Lewis’ novel Elmer Gantry presented the definitive portrait of the type of Preachers bashed by Pearson. 

            The Fool Killer denied that it was just fear of him which was causing the shortage of young men willing to go into preaching, a shortage bemoaned by churches in 1919. The supernatural vigilante claimed it was also caused by talented men being driven away by the overall corruption in religion at the time.

Arthur Conan Doyle*** Equally sleazy, money-hungry “spiritualists” – nicknamed “Boogers” in the slang of the time. Arthur Conan Doyle was still alive in 1919 and, as usual, that otherwise rational man willingly served as a public cheerleader for those con artists who claimed to be able to contact one’s dead loved ones.

            The Fool Killer came down hard on them and denounced Doyle as a fool, but a fool who had the Atlantic Ocean keeping him safe from our vigilante’s wrath.

*** Politicians who made a big production out of helping royal and wealthy families in Europe but snubbed the poor and the working class from that continent.

*** The biased and unreliable Associated Press, which the Fool Killer always referred to as “the Ass-ociated Press.” (He should see how pathetic they’ve become TODAY!) Continue reading



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Chancellor ManuscriptTHE CHANCELLOR MANUSCRIPT (1977) – With the latest blatant abuses by the FBI and elsewhere coming to light here’s Robert Ludlum’s novel about abuse of intelligence-gathering by BOTH the left and the right. There are Deep State operatives and a “Secret Society” like in today’s headlines.

TIME PERIOD: From shortly before J Edgar Hoover’s death in 1972 up to early 1973. The novel’s “what if” premise depicts the 77 year old FBI Director’s death as a planned assassination to prevent the Nixon White House from getting ahold of Hoover’s legendary files. (That’s NOT a spoiler – all that is made clear in the novel’s opening pages.)

Those files contain so much “raw meat” on powerful U.S. figures that we readers are told that whoever takes hold of said files will be able to rule the U.S. from behind the scenes by blackmailing the rich and the powerful.

The novel’s naïvete shows in that premise. I despise Hoover but I’ve always considered his abuses to be the EPITOME of the behavior of “the intelligence community” (LMAO), not an aberration from it. The accumulation of private information about people carries with it the implicit intent to USE that information against them.

The Obama Administration abused the FBI and other organizations far beyond even Nixon’s corrupt activities. And, of course, these days Zuckerberg and his fellow Corporate Fascists cheerfully help “the intelligence community” (LMFAO) spy on all of us. 

At any rate this is an escapist novel so the tale gets told in a simplistic “good guys vs bad guys” way, despite Ludlum’s attempts at a more nuanced approach.   

HERO: Peter Chancellor, an up and coming novelist who is part muckraker and part conspiracy hound. His successful espionage novels have not only made him rich but have caused minor public uproars over the kind of governmental abuses we take for granted these days but which were considered shocking in this novel’s time period.   Continue reading

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Penn State Dubois logoCHAMPIONSHIP GAME: The 3 seeds – the PENN STATE AT DUBOIS LIONS – the defending National Champions of USCAA baseball, played the 7th seeded BRYANT & STRATTON COLLEGE AT ALBANY BOBCATS. The Bobcats did the difficult work for the Lions, having eliminated the top seeded Newport News Apprentice School earlier in the day.

A 2-0 1st Inning lead for PSU-Dubois became a 3-2 Bryant & Stratton-Albany edge in the 2nd. The Lions went back on top 4-3 in the 3rd Inning and extended that to an 8-4 advantage in the 5th. The final Runs came in the 7th and 8th Innings, in which Dubois outscored the Bobcats 4-3 to win the game 12-7. Brandon Orsich threw for the win. * THE LIONS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS OF USCAA BASEBALL *


Arkansas at Monticello Boll Weevils GOODCENTRAL REGION: DAY ONE – The (5) UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT MONTICELLO BOLL WEEVILS utterly annihilated the (4) MINNESOTA STATE MAVERICKS to the tune of THIRTEEN to TWO!   ###   The (1) AUGUSTANA (SD) VIKINGS defeated the (8) OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY BISON by a Polo Score of 12-10.   ###       Continue reading

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antichristBlock Books from centuries ago were a form of illustrated storytelling, most often associated with religious topics. Naturally in a period of limited literacy the graven woodblock picture- stories made theological tales even more popular with the masses. In approximately 1455 – 1480 these “proto- comic books” addressed the Antichrist and the End Times.

These particular block books depicted the Antichrist being born “unnaturally” through a caesarean section with a demon serving as midwife. The block book Antichrist is a rare blonde depiction of this figure and he is shown getting an early education in black magic and in sexual depravity, just like Harry Potter. (I’m kidding! … Unless you count slash fiction) Continue reading

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Wright State Lake Campus LakersDAY THREE, GAME ONE: The 4 seeds – the WRIGHT STATE AT THE LAKE LAKERS – took on the 10th seeded BLUEFIELD STATE BIG BLUES in an elimination game. The Lakers turned a 2-1 edge over the Big Blues in the 1st Inning into a 3-1 lead in the 2nd.

The only other Run scored by Bluefield State came in the 5th Inning, while Wright State at the Lake drove in additional runs in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th to win the game TWELVE to TWO! Pitcher Noah Greathouse got the win. Continue reading

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Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of the many facets of Fool Killer lore. FOR PART ONE, INCLUDING THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT, CLICK HERE

Fool Killer picPART EIGHTEEN: In this issue the Fool Killer stated his mission in his newest incarnation (Or “regeneration” we could say with tongue in cheek.) was “the general overturning of all established institutions of every kind.” … “The Hour of Doom has struck for many of this old world’s pet institutions.” Quite a long way from his 1830s mission of driving the Devil out of the Tennessee Hills and killing fools who tried stealing the “hidden” gold of the Melungeons!

A look at the “fools” targeted by the Fool Killer in the September, 1919 issue of James Larkin Pearson’s publication The Fool-Killer

*** Astronomers claiming that an alignment of planets on December 17th, 1919 would cause a solar explosion visible from Earth, resulting in catastrophic storms and a devastating winter here. A nice touch of cultural kitsch is the way that, with the proposed League of Nations a topic of interest, the astronomers were calling the alignment “The League of Planets.” 

*** Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and his operatives who had tried to keep the Bullitt Report out of the public record. This situation came to light when William C Bullitt, Jr was testifying to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about his mission to the Soviet Union in February and March of 1919. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge allowed Bullitt to enter his suppressed report into the Senate record.

           Pearson’s Fool Killer obviously shared his creator’s suspicion that the Wilson Administration wanted Bullitt’s findings suppressed because those findings put Lenin and the Bolshevik Government in Moscow in a better light than Wilson wanted. Continue reading


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Bluefield State Big Blues logoDAY TWO, GAME ONE: The 10 seeds – the BLUEFIELD STATE BIG BLUES – faced another elimination game, this one against the 2nd seeded UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI AT CLERMONT COUGARS. The Big Blues had already sent (6) Southern Maine College home and were looking for another scalp.

After a scoreless 1st Inning Bluefield State went up 3-0 in the 2nd. The Big Blues added another Run in the 5th and rode it the rest of the way for a 4-0 Shutout victory. Bluefield State Pitcher Austin Stambaugh threw for the entire game. 

newportnewsapprentice-school-builderDAY TWO, GAME TWO: The top-seeded NEWPORT NEWS APPRENTICE SCHOOL BUILDERS (Shipbuilders) clashed with the 4 seeds – the WRIGHT STATE AT THE LAKE LAKERS. When the Builders grabbed a quick 4-1 1st Inning lead few knew that they would only score 1 more Run the rest of the way.

Meanwhile the Lakers drew to within 4-3 in the 5th Inning and knotted things up at 4-4 in the 6th. Newport News Apprentice School would slam in their final Run in the 8th Inning and won the game 5-4 behind Pitcher Thomas Packert. Continue reading

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