Balladeer’s Blog’s end of the year retrospective resumes with this look at the Best of August:

saint jack

One of the most misleading movie posters in history.

SAINT JACK (1979) – My review of this controversial movie which was part gangster movie, part spy drama and part expatriate adventure.

The film is one of those “love it or hate it” flicks and the behind the scenes drama rivaled the intrigue being presented on-screen. Click HERE.

FRONTIERADO ITEMS – Charlie Siringo, cowboy, bounty hunter and private detective HERE.  Jefferson Smith, 1800s gangster HERE.   Canyon Diablo, most lawless town of the old west HERE

biden blood on handsJOE BIDEN’S AFGHANISTAN DEBACLE – Several items regarding Biden’s inept departure from the previously decided upon withdrawal procedures, plus the needless tragedies which followed. Click HERE

           JOE BIDEN: EVEN WORSE THAN EXPECTED – More fallout from Biden’s Afghan catastrophe. Click HERE.   

           BIDEN: THE WORLD WAS WARNED – Joe Biden’s non-campaign in 2020 demonstrated what a disaster he would be if given global responsibilities. Click HERE.

           BRITISH PARLIAMENT HOLDS JOE BIDEN IN CONTEMPT – Fallout from Biden’s Afghan failures continued. Biden’s predecessor was never held in contempt by the British Parliament for failing our allies. Click HERE.

           BRITISH NEWS OUTLET CALLS OUT DEMOCRAT MEDIA OUTLETS FOR THEIR COMPLICITY INbiden dumkirk JOE BIDEN’S BLOOD-SOAKED FAILURES – And for not covering him in 2020 the way all previous presidential candidates had been covered. Click HERE.

            JOE BIDEN’S “DUMKIRK” FIASCO STILL UNFOLDING – So much suffering because of the vanity of a little man who should never have been anywhere near the Oval Office. Click HERE.

           BIDEN DESERVEDLY SLAMMED BY SURVIVING FAMILY MEMBERS OF JOE’S AFGHAN DEBACLE – Biden’s callous replies to the suffering mourners, too. Click HERE.

year 4338ANCIENT SCIENCE FICTION – A Journey in the 29th Century (1824) HERE, The Year 4338 (1835) HERE.

THE BETSY (1978) – A review of the Lawrence Olivier/ Robert Duvall/ Tommy Lee Jones movie about the auto industry and soap opera antics. Click HERE.

JAPAN’S SURREAL VIEW OF AMERICAN HISTORY (1861) – Per this obscure work America’s Founding Fathers had exploits to rival those of manga characters. Click HERE.

Kevin JacksonBIDEN ATROCITIES CONTINUE TO ACCUMULATE – Kevin Jackson of the Black Sphere and others dissect the disastrous Biden Regime. Click HERE.  And HERE. And HERE.

SPIDER-MAN: 1970s CLASSICS – Gangster warfare between Dr Octopus and Hammerhead. Click HERE.

ALTERNATE HISTORY – Novels examining how history might have unfolded if Napoleon had won at Waterloo and if the British had won at Saratoga. Click HERE.

kung fauxKUNG FAUX – The cult comedy series from 2003 which overdubbed 1970s Chop-Socky films with comical dialogue and graphics. Click HERE.



el mariachi picEL MARIACHI: THE SERIES – The forgotten 2014 television series version of the movies about El Mariachi. Click HERE.

THE TWELVE BEST “WHAT IF” STORIES (1977-1984) – The Marvel Comics series dealing with what might have happened if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, or if Rick Jones had been killed by Ronan the Accuser during the Kree-Skrull War, etc. Click HERE.

DEMOCRATS VS THE REST OF US – August 8th edition. Click HERE.

moonbase 3 picMOONBASE 3 – The short-lived BBC science fiction series from 1973. Click HERE

THE WINGED MAN (1913) AND BATSOWL (1918) – Two British Pulp-style heroes who were forerunners of Batman as surely as the Man in the Black Cloak, Judex and the Shadow were. Click HERE.


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2 responses to “BEST OF AUGUST 2021

  1. Pardon me but I picked-and-chose. Such variety and of course, some grab my gizzard, some do not.

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