That is the question being pondered in Washington DC … 

Trump is like jfk

One by assassination, the other by vote fraud?

Not for several long decades has America had a non-career politician as president – not since Eisenhower. American career politicians are career criminals who spend their time in office just one step ahead of criminal indictments. They are a very closed circle of fascist authoritarians who were happy with the corrupt way things were run before de facto Third Party President Donald Trump crashed their party and spoke truth to power.

It’s a once in a century gift to have someone like the Donald who is wealthy enough to not be bought by America’s cesspool called a government AND who is thick-skinned enough to endure the non-stop attacks that the Democrats and Republicans and their media outlets will unleash on anyone who tries GENUINE reform like Trump has done.

The fascists in both parties proved how terrified they are of Trump and his millions of supporters by the way they have absurdly overblown the events of Wednesday. See my article HERE regarding the hilarious hypocrisy from Democrats who usually never see a protest or a riot they don’t encourage.

It is remarkable how much this man STILL strikes fear into the hearts of America’s hate-filled, divisive and totalitarian political and media establishment. I repeat, he is NOT a career politician and that’s why he has always been worth rooting for. He’s the kind of reformer that the left used to PRETEND they wanted.

Trump 1000Trump, more than anyone since Theodore Roosevelt or maybe since Democrat Franklin Roosevelt and Republican Wendell Wilkie contemplated starting a Third Party in the 1940s, could completely upend the two-party system, something that is long overdue. Republicans are terrified that unless they join in the last-minute frenzy to discredit Trump forever that he might take a huge chunk of their useless and outdated party’s voters with him. Democrats fear losing the countless voters who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from their party to support Trump.

As I’ve said before, even if Trump really was all the things his deranged detractors accused him of being, he would STILL not be as bad as the existing politicians who have been running the U.S. for decades and made us such a hated country. (Democrats especially love to dwell on how hated the U.S. is by certain countries, which is why it was so funny to see them feign outrage over the possibility of an “insurrection.” Hey, only DEMOCRATS are allowed to call for uprisings and insurrections!)

Gee, Democrats, those concerned Trump supporters “stormed” the citadel of America’s white supremacist system that you’re always talking about. They stormed the citadel of all that privilege and systemic bigotry that you decry. Since when do Democrats of all people revere the Capitol as a Holy Site?

So the hate-filled and divisive Senile Joe Biden blithers about “domestic terrorists” and wants to repeat George W Bush’s excesses with a Patriot Act 2.0. Big Tech fascists like Jack Dorsey and his ilk have PROVEN the way anti-Trumpers work hand in hand with bloated rich pigs to try to censor all dissent.

So the career criminals who hold office as Democrats and Republicans ponder this blog post’s title question, “How do you solve a problem like the Donald?”

*** Do they arrest or impeach or get rid of him and thus give him the transcendent JFK-style martyrdom which he may actually desire by this point?

*** What if he takes half or more of the Republican voters to a new party along with untold numbers of former Democrats like me?

*** The Silicon Valley techno-fascists ponder what they will do if Trump starts a competing service to Twitter, Facebook and more OR what if he takes all his supporters to Gab or Parler, two MUCH better services.

*** Fox News and Breitbart have already turned on Trump after wondering what will happen if he launches a news network of his own, or his family’s own. They are joining the rush to discredit him to try to prevent getting wiped out in competition with any new Trump News Network.

*** Though nobody in our government has the courage to declassify what the Democrats and Republicans want hidden, what if the Donald reveals more than they want known after he’s out of office? (They’ll cry “national security” but fewer and fewer people believe that cries about national security are anything more than an excuse to cover up the abuses of the political class.)

*** What if people refuse to go along with the Reichstag Fire panic that anti-Trumpers are trying to spread regarding the perfectly justified protests over the stolen 2020 election? 

*** What if all those CEO’s weighing in against President Trump comes to be viewed as a parallel to the well-known “Businessman’s plot” against Franklin Roosevelt long ago?

*** What if they go through with pursuing him even after his presidency but that just adds to his mystique and appeal by emphasizing his renegade, establishment-fighting “outlaw” status?

Donald Trump is a political Serpico and it is incredibly pleasing to see how much he and his supporters terrify the corrupt American establishment. 


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  1. Your article is outstandingly right on! I know I could not have said it better, you hit on what I am thinking so perfectly (and many others); therefore I am saving myself a great deal of time and reblogging this article. Well done! Now keep the train moving…….I intend to. Thank you!!

  2. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    Excellent spot on article. I encourage all those that care about truth and those that pretend to, to read.

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  4. Someone

    Yeah, if they legitimately won the election and are in a strong position, why all the petty hate filled crap against Trump? It enrages me at times that people are suffering financially, maybe food insecurity, and other things because of their stupid lockdowns yet all they can focus on is some asinine impeach stupidity given Mr. T only a few days left in office on paper anyway.

    It was fun seeing the videos of Romney and Lindsey being verbally abused by their constituents at the airport. It was nice seeing them cower in their chambers on the sixth. But hey, $600 for you and mass immigration into your neighborhood and sending your child to another pointless war. More looting for their donors. I have no compassion for any of them.

    One can only wonder how much more we could get done if Trump would have had JFK Jr. as VP.

    • I agree, especially that worm Romney. He crawls on his belly for a few fleeting moments of praise from the same people who labeled him Hitler in 2012 and who will call him Hitler AGAIN in 2024 if he gets his apparent wish to run for president again. I know how you feel, and that thought about JFK, Jr as Trump’s VP would have been a reform-minded person’s dream.

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    For your information.


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  8. President Trump won by a landslide this we do know. They are all so corrupt. Pence is also a venomous snake .

    • I agree, I will never forget watching election night when all of a sudden that handful of states just stopped counting. So obvious. And yeah, Pence is trash. Trump, as a non-career politician was the only one worth cheering for.

  9. Jennifer

    You have been right all along about how the Republican wimps would behave.

  10. Sarah D

    This all day long! They don’t like the way President Trump exposed so much of their corrupt way of doing business.

  11. Kumar Fan

    Trump was heroically fighting the most crooked government in the world.

  12. Deirdre

    President Trump still scares our oppressors!

  13. Will

    You solve it with a stolen election, which seems to be what they did.

  14. Anne

    Very insightful take on why the people’s hero Donald Trump terrifies the powers that be.

  15. Thiago Ribeiro

    I used to hate Donald Trump but he turned out to be one of the greatest presidents in American history.

  16. ac flory

    President Trump will be remembered for his heroic stands against America’s corrupt political system. Many of us here in Australia admire him for that.

  17. Tom Taft

    Excellent piece! President Trump scares the corrupt political establishment and is a great man!

  18. Mac Mcleod

    This was a very insightful look at the situation.


    You laid out the case for Trump better than anyone else on the web.

  20. Storms and Saugeye

    You are so on the mark with this! Trump was not a part of their crooked gang so they were all fighting him.

  21. April-ludgate-karate-Dwyer


  22. Daniel Virrey

    President Trump really impressed me and the way he had to fight both corrupt parties makes him a hero.

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