Joe Biden faceJoe Biden, the Clown Prince of senile, possibly demented, DEFINITELY corrupt career politicians, always brings the crazy AND the laughs. Joe sounds like he’s drinking again – probably to drown his sorrow over how wonderfully the economy is rebounding from the Covid-19 hit. Or maybe because of the way many of his Union allies were accused of sexual misconduct recently. Whatever. Thank you to the BERNIE BROS who alerted me about this video: 


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  1. Oohhh that makes me uneasy 😟✌️

    Oh November is going to be fun… wait though …

    Do we have Kanye West throwing his hat in?? lol.

    Ahhhh ‘Merica 💪 Lol

    I don’t even know what to think anymore lol 😘✌️

    • Ha! I understand how you feel! Interestingly, right now various Democrats are bashing Kanye for saying he’ll run because they’re convinced he’ll take votes away from Biden instead of Trump. On the other hand, it’s so late to be declaring his candidacy that Kanye may not even have time to get on the ballot in several states across the country.

  2. Thomas

    Hey Balladeer I’m thinking I may run for office on a Green Party ticket next year

    I may not be not your cup of tea ideologically but we agree that the two-party stronghold is crippling us

    Much love

    • Hello and thanks for commenting! Actually people never seem to gauge my political views accurately. I was a lifelong Democrat until the American left started going completely nuts awhile back. Hell, my favorite president was Franklin Roosevelt, so some people assume I’m left-wing and others assume I’m right-wing just because I bash the Democrats over how deranged they’ve become. My whole point at this blog is that the old left vs right and Democrat vs Republican paradigm has become meaningless. Even when it comes to the Green Party I don’t hate them, I just wish they would stop acting like people being skeptical about climate change being CAUSED BY HUMANS is the same thing as “being skeptical” about climate change itself. Discussion becomes impossible with that attitude. Good luck if you decide to run!

  3. Amy Chu

    If creepy sleepy Joe Biden ever tried to touch me I would break his wrist. What a perv!

  4. Gabriel

    Joe Biden fails and fails and fails.

  5. adam tarver

    Obama lost me when he endorsed this privileged fool.

  6. you sound russian to me…

  7. Al

    Many more Biden failures are to come.

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