mascot new look donkey and elephant headsBalladeer’s Blog previously examined the thoroughly bizarre suspicions regarding two terrible U.S. Presidents – Barack Obama and George W Bush. Yes, I always made it clear that I despised them both but I also did blog posts about the ridiculously overstated accusations made against them. Examples include Obama supposedly being “a Muslim sleeper agent” and George W Bush supposedly having a hand in the death of John F Kennedy Jr.

When it comes to de facto Third Party President Donald Trump, his gibbering detractors have set the record for behaving like slobbering psychopaths who will make contradictory accusations against him on a daily basis. Even more pathetically, anti-Trump loons suffer from so much impotent outrage that they even encourage and enact violence against Trump supporters

Obama kids in cagesTrump and his supporters are often called Nazis by cowardly hypocrites who would wet their pants in terror if they ever encountered REAL Nazis. The nauseating anti-Trumpers even pretended to care about “kids in cages” until they learned that Obama and Bush pursued that policy before Trump came along.

Donald Trump never called racist till running against DemocratsEven the pro-Obama clowns at Snopes admit Obama incredibly erred by turning over illegal immigrant children to CHILD TRAFFICKERS! Links below.

I’ve always made it clear that I’m not saying ALL people who oppose President Trump are hate-filled, frothing-at-the-mouth fascists.  There ARE people who are capable of simply stating why they can’t stand the Donald and disagree with his policies. You know … like adults.

Right after Trump was elected, the equivalent of Satanic Panic 2 started. One of the best social media posts I read in very late 2016 was directed at absurdly frantic Trump-haters and said “I’m not a Trump fan, but you people are just embarrassing yourselves now.” Perfect! You see, anti-Trump animals, you CAN make clear your disapproval of Trump without resorting to the idiotic hyperbole that you love.

But let’s be honest here – many anti-Trumpers lack the knowledge of history and politics (especially the way the American system is set up) to be able to make coherent points. And that’s despite the way they pretend to be “intellectual.” (LMAO)

Plus they are such childish narcissists that they thrive on shrilly overstating their opposition. After all, by pretending President Trump is “a Nazi” they can also pretend they are doing something “courageous” (LMAO) by opposing him.

As an Independent voter who roots for the disintegration of BOTH the Democrat AND Republican parties I can impartially state that Donald Trump has done more to help the working class and the poor OF ALL COLORS than any other president of my lifetime. 

And even if I didn’t support Trump myself, I have plenty of friends and family who support him, and they sure as hell don’t deserve to be called Nazis and White Supremacists (especially because many of them are people of color).

President Donald Trump’s greatest strength has always been the fanatical, irrational, unreasoning hatred of those who oppose him and his supporters. Grow up, fools. You are not rebels heroically opposing a tyrant, you’re just people with an opinion expressing your disapproval of the current president and nothing more.



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  1. Betty

    President Trump has been a great president.

  2. Thaddeus

    Anti Trump trash have made me like him all the more.

  3. Barry

    The antiTrumpers are crazy and obsessed.

  4. Joey

    Does anyone even take the anti Trump hystericals seriously anymore?

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