Trump and JFK picNo matter how much I despised George W Bush and Barack Obama I would never have wanted them removed under the kind of unconstitutional kangaroo court the Democrats are trying against de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.

I’ve already stated that I don’t think Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached either, but at least he was facing a fair process, not this neither fish nor fowl impeachment “inquiry” that the Democrats have conjured up to replace their failed “Russian Collusion” plot.

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Democrats have become the ultimate fascists in recent years, so they decided that to try to make this “Ukrainian Conspiracy” go further than their ridiculous Russian Collusion they’d better not trust to any more Robert Muellers. From now on they are going to personally run every aspect of the Trump Witch Hunt to ensure that absolutely no aspect of the process is fair. They just voted to prevent Republican House members from even ASKING QUESTIONS OF THE WITNESSES!

This procedure also shows the Democrats to be screening for “witnesses” (LMAO) willing to say anything negative about Trump just because they disagree with the president’s politics and then pretending they are credible while dismissing witnesses who say the president did nothing wrong. 

Pelosi faceSome Democrats even have this fantasy that both Trump and Pence will be removed from office, elevating Nancy Pelosi to the Presidency. Gosh, if that’s the case, then she’s clearly got a conflict of interest in playing any part in all this, right? She’s trying to use the apparatus of government against a political rival who stands between her and the Presidency. Isn’t that what Democrats are trying to pretend that Trump did? That he followed in the footsteps of Quid Pro Joe Biden?

Trump in the wayAs ever, I’m an Independent Voter, and would love to see both the Democrats and the Republicans splinter into multiple smaller parties for awhile. I know there are problems with Coalition Governments but I sincerely believe that in a decade or less we’d be back to just two dominant parties but at least they would not be the Democrats and Republicans as currently constituted.

I’m beginning to think such a fracturing of those two parties of nothing but white-collar criminals is the only peaceful way out of the situation in which the Democrats and Republicans have put this country. And remember, Trump is NOT a career politician, which in America means career criminal. That is why he is worth siding with since he is in no way as corrupt as our other elected officials.

Democrats KKKBy the way, the Democrats love to snivel about Trump’s tax returns. I’d MUCH rather see several years’ worth of tax returns from members of Congress who go into office at six figures but rapidly become MILLIONAIRES in office as virtually all of them do. 

Back to the topic at hand: NO PRESIDENT OF EITHER PARTY SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO WHAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO DO TO TRUMP. Are they trying to make President Trump a martyr of John F Kennedy proportions? He was the last president to oppose our corrupt “intelligence services” and other crooked business as usual in Washington D.C.

(Oh, and by the way, the Democrats also pulled their usual nonsense where they deny something is real, then when they are thoroughly proven to be lying they switch to saying “Of COURSE the thing we denied for months is real, but it’s a good thing!” Most recently this was with the Deep State – a term that has been around for decades and did NOT originate with President Trump. After months of pretending that the Deep State wasn’t real Democrats are now telling us “Of COURSE it’s real, but it’s a GOOD thing.”)


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  1. Sengoku100

    What fun alternative takes would you like to be see done with classic literature: I’d like to see an adaptation of Frankenstein where instead of casting the creature aside, Frankenstein is initially warm to him. He offers him lodging, provides him with books for learning, etc. However the drama kicks in when he presents his creation not as his creation, but as lab assistant, only to then be outshone by him and deemed a superior genius by the academic community. This goes to the point where Frankenstein becomes envious of his creature and then starts treating him cruelly, saying how he’d just be a mish-mash of reanimated flesh without his expertise, only for the creature to expound on he has surpassed both Frankenstein and mankind, and sets off to propagate his own race of people ( and the story ends with this epic clash between man and monster- I know this derails a bit from the source material, but I think it’d be a nice twist to it.)

    • Yes, I think that would be an interesting way to treat the material after all of the “same ol’ same ol'” Frankenstein adaptations there have been.

      As for one I’d like to see, I would like to see Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Black Tulip done as an all-out swashbuckler. As I mentioned in my reviews of Georges, Captain Pamphille and La Dame de Monsoureau, adapters eventually took Dumas’ The Corsican Brothers, which is a far cry from an action story, and always presented it AS IF it was as swashbuckler story.

      For the Black Tulip I would make it so that “the Black Tulip” was a masked and costumed identity adopted by Dr Cornelius Van Baerle to cover his crusade to redeem his family honor. His fool-proof secret identity/ alibi would be his status as a prisoner behind bars. I would have the love affair between Cornelius and Rosa, the jailer’s daughter, be such that she secretly lets him out of his cell at night to grab a sword and flintlock pistols to strike as the mysterious Black Tulip. Cornelius Van Baerle’s obsession with growing elusive black tulips would be retained, but in my version he would leave a black tulip at the scene of every place he strikes in his costumed identity.

      At the end, with his family honor redeemed, Cornelius would be freed and it would be known he was the dashing Black Tulip all along. His cultivation of black tulips would win him the prize money that was offered in the original novel for anyone who could actually cultivate black tulips.

  2. Sengoku100

    I hope you find this question interesting

  3. Natalie

    President Trump is the only president while I’ve been alive who doesn’t talk about the working class like they’re garbage.

  4. Gene

    The Democrats better be ready for what they could unleash if they go through with this and try to remove President Trump.

  5. Lonny

    I have left the Democratic Party over their strange new fascism.

  6. Owen

    What the Democrats did is horrible.

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