Schumer cryingBalladeer’s Blog provides a look at the midterm elections for overseas readers since so many of you have asked for clarification amid the Democrat versus Republican smoke-blowing since Tuesday night. As always I’m a bit moved and humbled when you readers ask me to cut through some of the confusion since you know that I dislike both parties equally. So I will be 100% sincere with my impression of the 2018 midterms.

ONE – There was no “Blue Wave” despite the corporate media’s 24/7 propaganda blitz. 

TWO – Historically the political party that does NOT have the White House does very well in the midterms and it is always noteworthy when the President’s party does NOT lose large numbers of seats in Congress.

Democrats are sore losersFor instance, in Barack Obama’s first midterms he lost SIXTY-THREE seats in the House of Representatives AND lost 6 Senate seats. Bill Clinton ( Full disclosure: I liked Bill Clinton almost as much as I like Trump.) lost FIFTY-FOUR seats. Here in Trump’s first midterms he lost 30-some. 

That math makes it indisputable that he did better than Obama and Clinton in their first midterms. Does this prove he’s more popular than those two? I don’t think so, but I also would not have felt it made him LESS popular than them if he had done WORSE than those two. Too many variables in midterms, especially with a de facto Third Party Wild Card like Donald Trump in the White House. 

In addition, Trump’s nominal party, the Republicans, defied the usual midterm results by GAINING seats in the Senate. 

THREE – The Democrats’ usual, tired and so-transparent “chance discovery” of thousands of “uncounted” votes has become expected at this point in close races. (Look up Broward County, Florida’s long history of this anywhere you like.)

mascot new look donkey and elephant heads“Miraculously” this only ever happens in districts controlled by the Democrats and equally miraculously these “discovered uncounted votes” ALWAYS help the Democrat candidates. This has been going on for AT LEAST two decades but the clueless Republicans have always failed to do anything about it.

If Republican districts did this every two years by discovering boxes full of uncounted votes that help THEIR candidates they would rightfully be nailed to the wall by the media, but the Democrats’ media outlets so massively outnumber the Republicans’ media outlets that the Dems’ obvious chicanery is never given the coverage it deserves.

This all goes back to the biggest failure of the money and power people on the Republican side – the failure to keep up with the opposition party in the media arms race. In typical fashion, Republican rich pigs’ obsession with profits to the exclusion of all else caused this. Since you can’t measure media impact on a profit and loss sheet the GOP plutocrats let the Democrats get so far ahead in this area that it causes the loss of many, many OTHER battles in the political arena.  

FOUR – Democrat fanatics are ALREADY pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories that Trump will declare a crisis when his two terms (if he gets two) are up and cancel all further elections. I despised George W Bush AND Barack Obama but I NEVER bought into the ridiculous conspiracy theories claiming each one of THEM was going to conjure up an excuse to cling to power when their two terms were up. CAN WE AT LEAST SHOW ENOUGH SANITY TO NOT GO DOWN THIS SAME ROAD A THIRD PRESIDENT IN A ROW? 


Depressingly enough, I was one of the people who correctly predicted that the Democrats’ refusal to accept election results in 2016 meant that future federal elections would also be dragged out with various “creative vote tabulations” well past election day. This seems like it will be the New Normal. It may be well into December or later before we know the final distribution of seats in the Senate and House.

Anyway, I promise I was being non-partisan in this recap. For full discosure I made it clear that I liked Bill Clinton but there was no ignoring the math of his first midterms. No matter what one may think of Bill’s corruption he at least realized the government has to go on performing certain administrative duties. With the likes of Hillary, the Pelosis and the Bidens it’s ALL about political graft and the country is ignored.      




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  1. Sharon

    Excellent! I love the way you make American things actually make sense.

  2. Renee

    We wonder over here about all the votes that your democrats always seem to find once they know the republican total they have to beat.

    • It has become a joke, yeah. Such blatant vote fraud. And their “vote harvesting” is now out in the open, not that the clueless Republicans will actually do anything about it.

  3. Lillian

    How can you trust your elections after all this?

  4. Vexed

    We are watching your country from over here wondering if you guys are headed for a war.

    • Who can say? In my blog’s early days I used to make plenty of comparisons with Spain right before its Civil War of 1936-1939. I don’t do it as much these days because more and more people are also making those comparisons. (I’m not implying that I’m the reason they started making those comparisons, I just mean that with everybody getting on that bandwagon I drifted away.)

  5. Valerie

    The way the Democrats now know they can cheat through their dishonest vote harvesting is not a good sign.

  6. Tony

    Your country is toast.

  7. Kelly

    I don’t get why you like Trump.

    • Because he has helped the working class and the poor AND because he is not a career politician and therefore not a “made man” in their white collar criminal circles.

  8. Jana

    I like these posts where you serious rather than sarcastic.

  9. Buddy

    Interesting take on this. I don’t like Trump but his fanatical critics are even worse.

  10. Whitley

    I wish Trump was our prime minister. I hope he gets reelected too.

  11. Wendy

    This makes sense. I have a hard time understanding your different elections over there.

  12. Clark

    It is pretty funny that Obama did worse since Obama thought he was so great.

  13. Andrew

    President Trump has to fight both parties no matter who wins.

  14. Robin Parker

    As a woman of color I love your blog and I love how you go after both political parties.

  15. Newj

    You people seem headed for a war with the latest attempts by the Democrats to overthrow Trump.

  16. Damon

    All the cheating the Democrats did has got to have you Americans worried.

  17. Bettina

    I love how you point out how these things usually turn out, making anti-Trumpers look as foolish as they deserve to look.

  18. Deak

    I’ve used this blog post t oshow my sister what’s what.

  19. Mikel

    American media is a joke now. They take sides and never explain anything in anything approaching a unbiased way.

  20. Pauline

    Great explanation!

  21. Dorothy

    You are so right about how the stupid republicans have ceded the media airwaves to the democrats and how it makes opposition to the democrats worst ideas very difficult.

  22. StewNWT

    White people all need to just leave.

  23. Kay

    I absolutely love President Trump and I hope he gets reelected in November!

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    That is the Dem’s nature – cheating, stealing, and lying.


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