NOT PICTURED: Hitler and Stalin GROW UP

The best part of being an Independent Voter here in the U.S. is that I don’t fall victim to bizarre doomsday ideas like Democrats and Republicans always do.

After Barack Obama won reelection in 2012 I posted the item below to try to calm down right-wingers who were having absurdly dramatic reactions to the election results. Here in 2016 I’ll post it for those ridiculous drama queens of the political left who are overreacting to hopefully calm them down.

Before I post it I will point out again for the benefit of overseas readers THIS IS WHY OUR CONSTITUTION TRIED TO LIMIT THE POWERS OF THE GOVERNMENT!

Throughout the Obama years I kept asking Little Barry’s deranged worshippers why they didn’t more openly oppose Obama’s abuse of powers. I would ask them how they would like it if a man they really hated was elected president some day since Obama was trying to establish a precedent of poutishly churning out Executive Orders instead of negotiating with Congress like he’s SUPPOSED TO.

Mascot with demo and repub heads

The symbol of the nonexistent Balladeer Political Party

If you’ll recall his actions got struck down as unconstitutional NEARLY TWO DOZEN TIMES by the Supreme Court …    WITHOUT ANY APPOINTMENTS HAVING BEEN MADE BY TRUMP! If it had happened AFTER the Orange One was elected and had appointed some Justices you drama queens would have INSISTED they struck those things down ONLY because they were appointed by Trump.

MANY REPUBLICANS IN OFFICE HATE TRUMP! They spent the whole election cycle telling the country that Trump “wasn’t a real Republican and certainly wasn’t a Conservative.” They never seemed to realize THAT WAS PART OF TRUMP’S APPEAL. People are fed up with dogmatic Conservatives and dogmatic Liberals. The only ones who still don’t acknowledge that development are dogmatic Conservatives and dogmatic Liberals. If this election year didn’t make it clear to them then nothing will.

Okay, that venting done, below is the item I wrote to give some perspective to panicked right-wingers in 2012. It also applies to panicked left-wingers here in 2016. If you know any pathetic liberal drama queens feel free to share it with them. Here is the post:  

“Part of the fun involved in the week following any election is laughing at the ENORMOUS overreaction of Liberals and Conservatives to the outcome. The winning side will claim a “mandate”no matter what. The losing side will wail and gnash their teeth and pretend the outcome proves that the voters are “stupid” and “racist” (pretentious Liberal asses) or “communist” and “unpatriotic” (nationalist Conservative asses).

As an Independent Voter here in the United States you get to see this all the time. Permit me to recap some of the noteworthy – and utterly hilarious – overreactions of Liberals and Conservatives to election results of the recent past.

1994 – THE PANIC: The midterm elections in Liberal Bill Clinton’s first presidential term went DRASTICALLY against the Democrats and in favor of the Conservatives. Liberals panicked and insisted that this meant no second term for Bill Clinton and that in 1996 the Conservatives would no doubt have the presidency plus both houses of Congress. Liberals were wallowing in despair wondering how they would ever again be viable in national elections.   ###   THE REALITY: The Liberals GAINED congressional seats in the 1996 election and Bill Clinton won a second term by trouncing Conservative Republican Bob Dole.

1996 – THE PANIC: After losing the presidential election in an embarrassing rout and losing seats in congressional races the Conservatives panicked, convinced Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America was to blame for their reverses. Conservatives were wallowing in despair wondering how they would ever again be viable in national elections.

Liberals gloated that the heavy losses would teach the Republicans to distance themselves from the Religious Right if they wanted to be competitive in the future.  

###   THE REALITY: Just four years later George W Bush, a man closely associated with the Religious Right, became president. Conservatives gloated that this meant they should make sure to run candidates who wore their religion on their sleeve and who embraced “traditional Conservative values”. 

2004 – The Republicans had picked up congressional seats and governorships in the 2002 midterm elections, but going into 2004 Liberals were confident they could retake the White House.

Liberals were convinced the entire country hated the Iraq War just because they did and believed the entire country thought George W Bush was “worse than Hitler” just because they did. Dan Rather exemplified how shady American “journalism” had become by using faked documents to try to bring Bush down. Exit polls supported the notion that John Kerry would defeat George W Bush and become president.  

THE REALITY: Bush won reelection, sending Liberals into despair and causing them to make their usual childish claims that they would move to Canada. Liberals panicked and said this proved America had become “Jesusland” as they called it and insisted the United States would be a Christian theocracy by 2008.

Conservatives gloated, with Ann Coulter making the ridiculous claim that America could have won the Vietnam War if only Conservatives in the 60s and 70s would have made voters aware of how biased the media was. Conservatives boasted that America had “decisively rejected” Liberalism and claimed Democrats would need to distance themselves from the Liberal Left if they ever again wanted to be viable in national elections.  

2008 – THE PANIC: Barack Obama, a sleazoid from the cesspool that IS Chicago politics, was elected to the presidency despite the fact that his every opinion and position was a mindless parroting of the kind of Liberalism that Conservatives had deluded themselves into thinking Americans had rejected.

Conservatives panicked and felt this proved America was becoming a Communist nation, ignoring the fact that they themselves are the only people remaining on the planet who find the word Communist to be frightening. To everyone under 50 years of age being called a Communist seems comically outdated and sounds about as insulting as a swordsman in a swashbuckler movie calling their opponent “Saracen dog!”

Liberals gloated that Obama’s election meant America was permanently liberal and would never again be “misled” by religious Conservatives.   

THE REALITY: In the midterm elections of 2010 Conservatives would make great gains, even winning a race in usually Liberal Massachusetts. Liberals panicked, snobbishly saying Americans were “too stupid to know what was good for them”.

Conservatives gloated, claiming this proved Obama was on the way out and that all his positions were being decisively rejected. Republicans were convinced they would retake the White House in 2012. Liberals despaired and felt they needed to distance themselves from Obama if they wanted to be viable in future national elections.

2012 – Barack Obama won reelection by a very slender margin in the popular vote, but the outdated Electoral College yields results that always make it look like every winning president is getting a “mandate”. Despite Liberals and Conservatives warning the general populace that (yawn) this was THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN AMERICAN HISTORY and they really, really meant it this time much fewer voters actually participated.

The winning candidate, Obama, only won roughly 48% of the youth vote this time, after getting roughly 72% of the youth vote in 2008, yet Liberals gloated that the future belonged to them and Conservatives were on their way out. They insisted the election results proved Americans had decisively rejected conservatism. Conservatives despaired and told themselves they needed to make massive changes if they ever again wanted to be viable in national elections.

And so, the fun continues! In 2014 if the Republicans do well (which is frequently the case in midterm elections for the party that doesn’t hold the White House) I’m sure Conservatives will be high-fiving and boasting that it proves America finally “got wise” about Obama and that he’ll be forever remembered as the man whose presidency was the nail in the coffin of liberalism. Democrats will panic and state they need to distance themselves from Obama’s policies if they ever again want to be viable in national elections.


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  1. Lab Guy

    I’m a disenfranchised Ron Paul supporter who voted Trump. I don’t have high expectations but at least we can now speak freely about issues like immigration for example without being called ‘da rasis’. Trump told the PC people to go to hell.

    I’m unhappy with some potential choices like Jon Bolton, neo-con scum, but Trump is no libertarian or Constitutionalist. I’m hopeful for some resolution to the legal and illegal immigration issue and a rollback of the CO2 stupidity with the EPA.

    Other than that, I gave me joy to see leftist cry like 2 year olds. I’ve not voted in a presidential election since the 90’s.

    Like your blog.

    • I agree with you. The way BOTH Party establishments attacked Trump should have made left-wing Archie Bunkers calm down but they are perpetual children. And they were willing to ignore the fact that Hillary was basically IN THE POCKET of her various donors from Wall Street and abroad.

      Thanks for the kind words! I agree that Liberal hysteria is hilarious!

  2. Yeah Im getting tired of the Trump and Hitler comparisons too. Not a Trump fan but Democrats are just embarrassing themselves now.

  3. Sammy

    I agree that Trump is more 3rd party than weve ever had before.

  4. Clemmie

    This all day long. Our major elections are only ever two years apart.

  5. Pencilpenparade

    Very funny look at the way people overreact every two years!

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