mother-jonesRecently Balladeer’s Blog had another posthumous interview with Mary Harris Jones aka “Mother” Jones. Despite passing away in 1930 Mother Jones told me she is still a devoted fan of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. As usual I tried to rein in her enthusiasm for the Donald during the following interview but Mother Jones is a strong female character and is very empowered so she simply would not be denied. I know, right?

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Well, Mother Jones, in our past discussions you’ve called President Trump the new Franklin Roosevelt AND the new Harry Truman. You’ve also compared him to real-life heroes like Frank Serpico and cinematic heroes like Robert Redford’s Brubaker.

Trump supporterMOTHER JONES: And don’t forget I compared him to the character Richard Channing on the old soap opera Falcon Crest.

BB: Yes, of course. Have you been following the latest revelations about the corrupt actions taken against Trump by the rightfully despised thugs of America’s so-called “Intelligence Community?”

MJ: You bet I have! I told you last time about the Businessman’s Plot against Franklin Roosevelt long ago and the same type of bloated rich pigs have been attacking President Trump. Republican trash like Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy are already selling out and trying to defend the corrupt forces aligned against the Donald.

Donald Trump rock starBB: The past few years have certainly been shocking. Many have pointed out what an unlikely hero President Trump has turned out to be for the working class AND for all of us Third Party people who have been longing for attempted reforms to the Washington D.C. Swamp.

MJ: You know it, sonny! If we absolutely HAVE to have a tycoon as president at least let it be a tycoon with a sense of noblesse oblige like FDR and JFK. Trump is cut from the same cloth.

BB: I’m not quite as enthusiastic about him as you are, but –

MJ: Pipe down, already! I’ve got a bunch of links to share with your readers. Here we go:

*** Don Surber has been on fire lately with a lot of items about President Trump fighting BOTH the crooked Democrats AND the crooked Republicans. First is his item The Party of Trump in which he points out how the Democrats abandoned the working class and the poor. Find it HERE

*** Surber’s wonderful item in which THE 2016 DEMOCRATS WERE SAYING HILLARY COULD PARDON HERSELF IF ELECTED – find it HERE

Such hypocrites! And Surber had this bit titled The Left Comes to Grips with Obama’s Failure – HERE

*** American Thinker had this item about Susan Power and her ridiculous claim that “someone else in the Obama Administration” used her security clearance to unmask Americans corruptly targeted by “Intelligence Community” thugs. It’s HERE

Henry HaHa Davis*** And here’s yet ANOTHER figure of color praising President Trump and encouraging more African Americans to recognize that he has done more for them than the Democrats have in decades. Click HERE


*** And watch ICE director Thomas Homan outdo a member of the repulsive American Media about the victims of illegal immigrants who commit further crimes HERE




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  1. Des

    I didn’t know that Mother Jones was an actual person, good to know. Love the Rockstar Trump photo, it deserves a spot in my office!

    • Yep, she was big on helping the working class, especially miners, that’s why I always depict her pointing out how the Democrats have stopped being the part of the working class – which even Chris Matthews agrees with, if you heard him on MSNBC the other day.
      Glad you like the rockstar Trump! I just found that as a meme around the internet.

      • Des

        I admire you for being able to stomach Chris Matthews, or MSNBC in general, for that matter. However, I’m the first to admit that you’re better informed than I am. I rely primarily on the internet, talk radio and people like you to keep me informed! Keep up the good work.

      • Thank you very much! I always like to wade into watching and reading both sides, including overseas news outlets, just to get a real feel for things.

  2. Excellent! Tongue in cheek but I like how you pretend it’s an interview with her!

  3. I love when you do this! They must hate it!

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  6. Itaj

    Mother Jones would never say this.

    • You can’t know that since she has been dead for a long time. Are you saying you don’t like having Mother Jones’ name used in relation to political points of view she may or may not have agreed with? Are you so lacking in self-awareness that THAT is the point you’re trying to make?

  7. Kemo

    So awesome! I never agreed with “Mother Jones” before!

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