BET funder Robert Johnson and President TrumpOn a CNBC appearance Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, joined the many other black business and community leaders praising President Trump for the way his economic measures have maximized opportunities for African-American jobs.

I will point out again that President Trump is the new FDR and the new Harry Truman in so many ways. And the short-sighted, bloated rich pigs among the Democrats and Republicans hate him for it and use the media outlets they own to launch constant attacks on Trump because of it. He’s the best president for the working class and the poor in decades.  

I won’t ignore the monumental good this man has accomplished for the forgotten people just because the pompous snobs, pretentious asses and cowardly conformists of the country demand it. 

Hillary dead body in trunkMeanwhile, Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton, the preferred candidate of those pompous snobs, pretentious asses and cowardly conformists, continues to ramble incoherently and blame everyone else for her humiliating – and well-deserved – defeat.

As the evidence indicates, Hillary was in the pocket of so many people thanks to moneys funneled to her that a Hillary presidency would have been the worst imaginable. 

The people of Haiti continue to suffer because of Hillary and her fake charity which was really just a back-channel for bribes and other graft, it seems. They were “Hillaried” the way far too many suffering areas of the U.S. would have been had this career criminal won in 2016.

Typical of how shallow and callous the Democrats have become, they are just fine with a career criminal like Hillary actually reducing parts of Haiti to what Hillary supporters would call a shithole in the U.S. but they feign outrage if people besides themselves use the expression “shithole” to describe various areas outside the U.S.   




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