donald-trump-and-flagBalladeer’s Blog often points out that Barack Obama and George W Bush were garbage, but de facto Third Party President Donald Trump is NOT garbage, even if only because he’s not a career politician.

Almost immediately after United States President Donald Trump utterly humiliated career criminal Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton, the deranged fascist mobs of Trump-haters began publicly admonishing against “normalizing” Trump supporters.

People who think they’re fit to impose notions of what is or is not “normal” have ALWAYS been the biggest jackasses in the world, no matter what the time period.

I’ve always thrived on being on the opposite side of the mindless zombies who seek to impose norms, so that rabid, drooling reaction from Trump-haters cemented the sides: President Trump and his supporters are the rebellious agents of change while the Trump-haters are the huffy forces of conformity, willing to use violence and threats and prim disapproval (lmao) against people who defy them.

Donald Trump rock starIt’s absurd the way the Trump-haters STILL try to pretend they’re “the resistance” (LMFAO). Uh. Yeah. “Rebels for the status quo and all the current power-holders and oppressors” is what Trump-haters are. 

Even more hilarious is the way Trump-haters try to present themselves as “intellectuals” even though their comments make it clear that they know nothing about the separation of powers, or about history or about the legislative and budgetary process. In most cases they can’t even name their state’s Senators or House reps or Governors, etc. 

That makes the political shallowness of Trump-haters very, very clear. The finer details of the political process are too challenging for their supposedly “intellectual” natures. The only political figure they can even remember is the president. Period.

Hence their childish praise for the weak, inept and crooked little man named Obama and – since they’re such spineless conformists – their irrational, frothing-at-the-mouth hatred of de facto Third Party President Donald Trump. 

Yes, these loons are driven to even greater heights of demented raving the more I used the expression “de facto Third Party President Donald Trump.” If I was in a more mischievous mood I’d point out once again that President Trump is the new FDR, too.

Anyway, the ignorance shown by so many Trump-haters is why I want to remind them: before they embarrass themselves by trying to sound snarky or even “intellectual” (LMFAO) they should ask themselves a few questions.

Can they name at least 7 or 8 previous presidents and their political party affiliation without looking online? Can they trace the process through which a bill becomes a law? Can they name the sources where the general public can look up political contributions? Can they use their own words to explain their political opinions – if “political opinions” isn’t too strong a term for their childish “Trump is evil” babbling.

As always, people who DO leave comments that reflect the real world and not silly “good guys vs bad guys” thinking are not the people being addressed here. Just those Trump-haters who make fools of themselves by proving their ignorance through incorrect claims about how “No other president has done such and such” or “Trump is the only president to have such and such happen.”    

Am I being 100% sincere about all of the above? Well, who can say, but I am DEFINITELY being sincere when I say I want it very, very clear that I am not on the side of the cowardly hypocrites, pompous snobs and hilariously pretentious asses who wish and enact violence on President Trump (de facto Third Party President Trump) and his supporters. 


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  1. Trump-haters are maniacs and idiots.

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  3. Clark

    This is spot on! Anti-Trump fascists are the worst!

  4. Ibis

    Trump-haters are also the Nazis they accuse others of being.

  5. Amelia

    I agree that Trump-haters are crazed!

  6. Janet

    Trump-haters are such fascist scum.

  7. Janet

    Trump haters are also uninformed doofuses.

  8. GenXMarketingGuy

    I used to be one of those fascist Trump haters but I will definitely vote for him this November. The democrats are insane.

  9. Ebonscape

    I used to hate Trump but he has turned out to be a much better president than Obama!

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