donald-trump-and-melaniaThe more that the forces of conformity try to browbeat all of us into pretending President Trump is not doing a wonderful job for the working class and the poor the more fun it is to see more and more people stop humoring them and begin pushing back.

As I said awhile back, at this point even if I DIDN’T support President Trump (the new FDR) I would PRETEND that I did. The anti-Trump fascists are such humorless, pompous and indignant fools. Roughly sixty-three to sixty-four million voters DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR OF UPSETTING YOU FASCISTS JUST BECAUSE YOUR CROOKED CANDIDATE HILLARY LOST!

The fact that the anti-Trump pieces of garbage think they can demand the elimination of all evidence of President Trump’s victory once again proves my old saying that “THEY are the fascists they’ve been waiting for.” ( Yes, I’m intentionally overusing the word fascists like pathetic “resistance” cowards do.)

Trump is SerpicoTRUMP CARD ONE: De facto Third Party President Donald Trump’s FAKE NEWS AWARDS were terrific! He is one man alone against America’s cesspool of corruption which INCLUDES the corporate media.

TRUMP CARD TWO: Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the chorus of voices praising Trump’s tax plans. All of the working class people benefiting from Trump’s presidency so far also continue smiling, even though bloated rich pigs like Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the repulsive Bush family try downplaying it.  

TRUMP CARD THREE: A CBS poll showed President Trump’s support among African-American voters MORE THAN DOUBLING since he took office. And in the election of 2016 he got more of the African-American vote than any Republican in decades. Now, personally, I refuse to take ANY polls very seriously, especially after 2016’s mammoth errors, but it is ALWAYS fun to see Trump-haters ignore polls which go in Trump’s favor but “trump”-eting any and every poll that goes against him.  

black-trump-supportersTRUMP CARD FOUR: Republican trash like Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and all the stuffy white males at National Review continue proving President Trump’s status as a de facto Third Party President. The Paul Ryans and Lindsey Grahams of the world apparently don’t like the way Trump attracts so many voters of color. I guess they want the Republicans to go back to being the party of Boring White Clowns In Suits.  

TRUMP CARD FIVE: Trump-haters played Wile E Coyote to President Trump’s Road Runner AGAIN yesterday as they tried claiming the doctor that gave Trump a glowing appraisal following his ANNUAL PHYSICAL was a paid Trump stooge. In reality it was THE SAME DOCTOR WHO GAVE OBAMA HIS PHYSICAL! Too funny! 

And of course I don’t include Trump critics who are capable of rationally stating their opposition to him as “Trump-haters.” Just the rabid animals who apparently hate the man 24/7. 

Do I like and agree with everything President Trump has done? No, but his enemies in both political parties are so much more repulsive than he is, that – like I often say – up against such trash even a black-hearted rogue like Donald Trump can emerge on the side of the angels.

By the way, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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2 responses to “TRUMP CARDS: JANUARY 18th

  1. Someone

    I’m unhappy with his foreign policy; it seems the neo cons have won again in that arena. I was really hoping for a pullout in Syria, Afghanistan, and maybe some positive relations with Russia.

    On the other hand, this is all good news:

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