FILMVreducedRegular readers of Balladeer’s Blog are familiar with my fondness for Movie Host shows of the past and my EXCLUSIVE interview with Randy Clower of the mid-1980’s program The Texas 27 Film Vault has proven to be a very popular item on this blog.

Randy and his cohost Richard Malmos, playing machine gun- packing Film Vault Technicians First Class, would show and mock bad and campy films from decades ago and were a huge hit when they were on the air. I feel they get neglected in this age of renewed interest in older Movie Host programs so Balladeer’s Blog likes to treat readers to some nostalgic looks at items pertaining to the legendary show.

Note here on this 3D poster are Randy, Richard, Ken “Tex” Miller, Joe Riley, Laurie Savino, Greg Bransom and some of their fellow members of the fictional Film Vault Corps – “the few … the proud … the sarcastic”. In addition the pic features other bits of Texas 27 Film Vault Trivia like gigantic predatory rats and celluloid- eating cellumites, just two of the sci-fi menaces that the Film Vault Corps protected “America’s Schlock Culture Heritage” from. The little guy in a Film Vault Corps uniform is a Drone, a friendly subterranean species the FVC came into contact with.  

The poster also sports features from some of the most popular bad movies Randy and Richard dissected on the program – features like flying brains from the movie Fiend Without A Face, a prop from the Bela Lugosi bomb Devil Bat, Hitler’s disembodied head from the enjoyably awful movie They Saved Hitler’s Brain, an invader from Earth vs the Flying Saucers and much more! Put on your 3D glasses and you can spot all of the hidden items including elements from Gorilla at Large, Just Imagine, The Winged Serpent, Frontier Marshal, the 1961 film The Mask and other T27FV fan favorites.


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  1. Really cool to hear some of the movies they showed!

  2. Lots of fun! Pretty much an earlier version of MST3K a few years before they started!

  3. Awesome looking show! I read all ur other posts on them after seeing this! These guys and this show should be remembered as the most influential one ever if you look at it right.

  4. Very cool! This show should get more attention!

  5. Please more on this show! I want to join the Film Vault Corps!

  6. I would have loved to see Fiend Without a Face on this show!

  7. I would kill 2 c this show again! I loved it in the 80’s!

  8. Pingback: Christine

    • Ha! I only started dwelling on the fact that The Texas 27 Film Vault came before MST3K because some Misties were emailing me saying Randy and Richard imitated the Minnesota show, which is impossible since The Texas 27 Film Vault came FIRST!

  9. Gotta love the machine guns and the bad movies!

  10. excellent blog post ! Luv 4 The Texas 27 Film Vault!

  11. Can’t believe how long ago this show was! They were definitely before MST3K!

  12. Very interesting sounding show – the fact that it was before MST3K is interesting 2

  13. The Texas 27 Fil vault seems awesome!

  14. Cisco

    Who did u say the babe was?

  15. awesome sho u rock for reviving The Texas 27 Film Vault

  16. Pingback: Dorothy

  17. Pingback: Dr Acid

  18. Ken

    Love the way ur letting this show get the pub it should have gotten a couple decades ago. Incredible stuff! Love the Film Vault Corps and love the machine guns!

  19. Dis shit sounds like da bomb! Randy and Richard would have been a lot better than Mike and the bots.

  20. This show is a real revelation. I knew about other shows like Svengoolie and Elvira that came long before MST3K but the Texas 27 Film Vault is a new one on me.

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  25. Pingback: Gwen

  26. Pingback: The Cigarette Man

  27. Pingback: TorCHUH!

  28. Seeing these guys riff on Fiend without a face must have rocked!

  29. I would have loved to see The Texas 27 Film Vault riffing on Earth vs The Flying Saucers!

  30. Great show! It must have been something else!

  31. You mentioned everyone in the poster and every film referenced yet you couldn’t mention the artist of this masterpiece?

  32. Aewesome! Like MST3K before MST3K was on!

  33. Those little drones are cute! I want a stuffed one!

  34. Saroj Jaede il ya 6 ans de Midwest

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  38. Albert

    Awesome bit of forgotten horror host info!

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