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democrat republican or awakeThe political intolerance of the shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable fascists called Democrats knows no bounds. They unabashedly call for the personal and professional destruction of everyone who thinks differently or votes differently than they do while ignoring the fact that they are practicing their own – even more fanatical – form of McCarthyism. In fact, Democrats are such fascist filth that if someone doesn’t denounce the Democrats’ countless objects of hatred as fanatically as THEY do, they want the person destroyed. “Lack of sufficient zeal” I guess.  

This movie is further proof that American Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in history.

This movie is further proof that Democrats are the biggest hypocrites in history.

TRUMBO (2015) – How about “Are you now or have you ever been a racist or imperialist or Islamophobic or privileged?” Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how sick I am of the increasingly meaningless Democrats vs Republicans paradigm. It’s just that right now American Democrats are far more pompous, divisive and hubristic and in need of being cut down to size.

Case in point: the movie Trumbo. Only America’s Democrats could be so lacking in self-awareness that they would – in this age of non-stop harassment of dissenting opinions, of police, of Trump supporters, an age of Cancel Culture, the Political Correctness Police and SJW persecutors – yes, only the monumentally hypocritical trash called Democrats would be so lacking in self-awareness that they would trot out (for the millionth time) the story of Dalton Trumbo and some of the other figures who were black-listed during the Communist Witch Hunt of decades ago.

For the past few decades Left-Wing Archie Bunkers  have been the ones black-listing and inflicting draconian punishments on people who dare to hold different political opinions than they do.

We are still suffering under the “Racist” and “Privilege” and “White Supremacy” Witch Hunts that Democrats continue to pursue with the same sickeningly judgmental attitude and spurious statistics that Joe McCarthy was accused of. How many careers (and therefore lives) have we all seen ruined by the cold, merciless asses of the political left? Often over  simple remarks or organizations the victims belonged to or political contributions they made YEARS earlier. Plus DemoKKKrats accuse people of being racists/ white supremacists as a scare tactic the way accusations of being a Communist were used back then.

Anyone under 30 (maybe even 40) who watches Trumbo needs to focus on the OBVIOUS parallels to the way Democrats hound and persecute dissenters and any behavior they choose to interpret as “racism” or more generally as “hate.” When you watch right-wing zealots obsessively looking for “pernicious communism” and “secret communist messages” in Trumbo’s screenplays make a point of noting the similarities to the way Democrat zealots obsessively look for “white supremacy”, “xenophobia”, “imperialism,” “colonial narratives” and on and on through the entire list of their paranoid fixations.  

Democrats are monumental hypocrites who thrive on censoring dissenting ideas and black-listing people who hold those ideas even though they pretended to disapprove of censorship and black-listing when those tactics were used against them. Continue reading


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Obi Wan on liberalsHow pathetically delusional and egotistical does someone have to be to actually refer to themselves as an SJW? Only a true joke of a human being would even be able to refer to themselves as a “Social Justice Warrior” (LMAO) without laughing. If I went around calling myself a Heroic Defender of Freedom or HDF, how seriously would you ever take anything else I said for the rest of my life? 

SJW’s (people are only encouraging these fools if you actually refer to them by what it stands for) are really just pompous jackasses like Christian or Muslim missionaries used to be. Just like religious missionaries used to assume they had “the one true faith” and would talk down to their potential converts so do SJW’s think they have “the one true perception of the world” and therefore ANYTHING they want to pretend is “racist” or more generally “hate” MUST automatically be so. 

And the reason so many of us have grown ashamed of the label Liberal is because Liberalism has become a secular religion that seeks to invade every aspect of everyone’s life. As SJW’s are the Church of Liberalism’s missionaries so are those in the “educational” (LMAO) field nothing but that Church’s clergy.

In the distant past education was provided only through religious denominations and if someone wanted an education they had to endure the irrational proselytizing that went along with it. And that’s what American Liberals have reduced education to in this country now. Continue reading