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Hillary Clinton: President of California

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know how much I despise both the Democrats AND the Republicans. If you doubt me check out some of my takes on U.S. Presidents HERE

Here’s an appropriate footnote to the 2016 election. Hillary “Bugsy” Clinton and her totalitarian supporters took the unprecedented step of trying to threaten and intimidate the members of the Electoral College into ignoring the REAL election results and overturn the outcome by not casting their State’s votes for Donald Trump.

Once again a boulder that Hillary was trying to drop on Trump wound up squishing HER instead! First she lost the REAL election, then LOST VOTES in the recounts she demanded by way of her sock puppet Jill Stein. Then, after the one percenter actors and singers who support Hillary went all out to deny Trump all of his fairly won Electoral Votes it turned out that MORE ELECTORS DEFECTED FROM HILLARY THAN FROM TRUMP!!

Hillary tired BIGHILARIOUS! An Elector from Hawaii changed his vote from Hillary, making a total of FIVE faithless Electors for that career criminal! Rubbing salt in the wound is the fact that this meant HILLARY LOST THE MOST ELECTORS IN ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR YEARS! And in 1912 it was a VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate who lost them, not the Presidential candidate!

And – funniest of all – he only lost them because he had DIED between the election and the meeting of the Electoral College!

So, Hillary’s candidacy was as “historic” as she and her fascist mob wanted, but in all the WRONG ways! In this cold, violent and cruelly unfair world it is rare to see a public villain get the comeuppance they deserve but happily for us all the loathsome Hillary has been defeated over and over again this year!  Continue reading


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