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Education indoctrination conveyor beltIt’s the time of year for graduation ceremonies and commencement addresses, two more formerly pleasant and reasonably nonpartisan milestones in life that have now been transformed by Democrat intolerance into ugly partisan exercises.

ONLY speakers who are “acceptable” to the most rabid, frothing at the mouth Democrat faculty members may speak to the graduates, otherwise those perpetual children rally their students to “protest” the speaker then hide behind their students to pretend it’s for THEIR sake that the speakers are not welcome.

Even worse, thanks to the Democrats at colleges and universities SEGREGATION is back and oh so very “woke.” More and more institutions are holding separate, “black only” graduation ceremonies thanks to “critical race theory” aka “bigotry with a self-constructed halo” and similar fascist notions considered fashionable by the Democrat faculty and administrators. CLICK HERE

democrats hate free speechAND DON’T WASTE MY TIME TELLING ME IT’S UNDER ONE HUNDRED DOING IT NOW. As we have seen there is NO independent thought among the Democrats who run these churches of intolerance and irrational thought. This will spread like all the other political bigotry pushed by Democrats. ALL of the fascism now imposed upon “educational” institutions by Democrats started out being dismissed as “limited to a hundred or so far-left colleges and universities.” And look where it has led.  

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