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Democrats KlanFebruary is the month for remembering Democrat race-hatred and the heroic people who have resisted it over time. This blog post will salute a few of the more recent Women of Courage to oppose the Democrats and their vile hatemongering. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY NEEDS TO CHANGE ITS NAME TO ELIMINATE ITS CONNECTION TO SLAVERY.

pelosi and schumer love illegal immigrantsIn this era of eliminating so many monuments to the Confederate States of America the Democrats have no excuse for bitterly clinging to the name and symbol of slavery, White Supremacy, the KKK, Jim Crow, the Trail of Tears, Japanese Internment, the Gulf of Tonkin and so many other atrocities that Democrats try to blame on the rest of us.

Their tiresome excuse that “Democrats of today are different” reeks of White Privilege and if they can use that excuse then so can the nation as a whole, despite Democrat efforts to mire the entire country in their own guilt and shame. I know, right?      

crystal-wrightCRYSTAL WRIGHT

Ms Wright runs her own website and makes personal appearances around the country. Race-baiting Democrats always harass people like her who are brave enough to form their own political opinions despite the condescending disapproval of hate-filled American Liberals. The vile abuse that Democrats throw at her for defying them will disgust you.   Continue reading


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