Democrats KlanFebruary is the month for remembering Democrat race-hatred and the heroic people who have resisted it over time. This blog post will salute a few of the more recent Women of Courage to oppose the Democrats and their vile hatemongering. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY NEEDS TO CHANGE ITS NAME TO ELIMINATE ITS CONNECTION TO SLAVERY.

pelosi and schumer love illegal immigrantsIn this era of eliminating so many monuments to the Confederate States of America the Democrats have no excuse for bitterly clinging to the name and symbol of slavery, White Supremacy, the KKK, Jim Crow, the Trail of Tears, Japanese Internment, the Gulf of Tonkin and so many other atrocities that Democrats try to blame on the rest of us.

Their tiresome excuse that “Democrats of today are different” reeks of White Privilege and if they can use that excuse then so can the nation as a whole, despite Democrat efforts to mire the entire country in their own guilt and shame. I know, right?      

crystal-wrightCRYSTAL WRIGHT

Ms Wright runs her own website and makes personal appearances around the country. Race-baiting Democrats always harass people like her who are brave enough to form their own political opinions despite the condescending disapproval of hate-filled American Liberals. The vile abuse that Democrats throw at her for defying them will disgust you.  

diamond-and-silkDIAMOND & SILK (Lynette Hardaway & Rochelle Richardson)

These heroic ladies sent Democrat race-baiters into a frenzy over the past year because of their outspoken support for Donald Trump. Five decades of the same condescending lies from the Donkey Party were enough for Ms Hardaway and Ms Richardson. They, too, have courageously withstood a mountain of abuse from American Liberals who think they can order African Americans who to vote for.   

stacey-dashSTACEY DASH

Democrats have made it clear that their party thinks they can decide if an African American is “authentic” or not. Apparently they feel their party’s approval is necessary for people of color to be outspoken politically. Stacey Dash has bravely overcome all the threats and hatred that the American Left can throw at her and is a positive role model for people everywhere. 

michelle-malkin-2MICHELLE MALKIN 

Democrats don’t limit their hatred to African American women who openly oppose them. Michelle Malkin is another woman of color who openly opposes the Democrats and has emerged triumphant against all the race-hatred and harassment they could muster. The abuse that American Liberals subject her to would make a lesser person question their cause, but not Ms Malkin. 

*** And let me make this clear – these extraordinary women would probably be annoyed to appear on my blog. My views are FAR to the left of theirs, but unlike American Liberals I don’t have to agree with people to notice how courageously they fight for what they believe.

FOR MORE ON LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES CLICK HERE:    https://glitternight.com/category/liberals-and-conservatives/


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  1. Anne

    You are so right about how the democrats still push that idiotic notion that they are exempt from criticism for all of their party’s wrongdoing just because they say so.

    • Thanks. I have never met any non-Democrats who advocate slavery today so the Democrats’ silly assertion that all of those people would be Republicans today is very dumb and not at all supported by any facts.

  2. Melanie

    I love the way you use the democrats’ own stomach-turning clichés against them in these blog posts.

  3. Shawna

    What a pleasant change from the usual Democrat virtue-signaling in February.

  4. Irma

    These ladies are more brave than any leftist women have been in years.

  5. Monica

    Do you have one of your slogans about how democrats think they own the female vote?

    • One of the ones I use is: “Democrats have taken the old chauvinist line ‘shut up and get back in the kitchen’ and turned it into ‘shut up and vote for Democrats.’

  6. Cordelia

    We women need to stop this groupthink that we are supposed to vote for Democrats.

  7. Gail

    I’m glad I’m not alone in getting disgusted with the democrats.

  8. Janet

    Democrats limit women’s choices as much as any patriarchy ever did.

  9. Emily

    I am so sick of democrats acting like all women have to obey them.

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