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Trump is like jfk

One by assassination, the other by vote fraud?


Here at Balladeer’s Blog I’ve been spending much of the day responding to emails and comments from readers asking about the 2020 presidential election. In the FAQ spirit here we go: 

A. For Pro-Trump People – I support Trump, yes, but a lot of things still need to be resolved. Just because I am posting about other topics does NOT mean that I have changed my mind.

stop the stealB. For anti-Trump hypocrites – Don’t whine about how Trump should stop fighting for his rightful win. I will not bother responding to any such comments or emails until Trump has spent FOUR YEARS challenging the election results like you fascists did. And like Hillary continues to do. You fools even tried a fraudulent impeachment and lost, so maybe I should add extra time on for that.

C. For all readers – I do see conclusive proof for vote fraud ESPECIALLY in those counties which used the Democrat-Magic software which “accidentally” awarded 6,000 Trump votes to Biden in Michigan. Those votes have been deducted from Biden’s count and assigned to Trump. There are calls and lawsuits now for all other counties in Michigan AND elsewhere in which that same software program was used to do an audit and see how many more Trump votes “accidentally” went to Biden. Democrats DO pretend they want to “count every vote” after all.

mascot donkey and republican headsC. For Republican office-holders who want Trump to stop fighting and go, you are also saying that to the MILLIONS of us who only voted for your notoriously craven party in 2016 and 2020 because of Trump.

              De facto Third Party President Donald Trump was trying to drag your sorry and pathetic party into the 21st Century. Without him millions of us who voted for him will not bother voting for ANYONE in your party ever again, especially not vermin like Mitt Romney, Chris Christie or any Bush family members. 

               Donald Trump, as we have just seen, attracted more women and voters of color and Latinos and gay people to your useless party than any other of your sorry candidates in FIVE DECADES. By not supporting Trump at least through the legal challenges you are saying you want to go back to being “The party of Stuffy White Rich Pigs.”

I will be posting much more about the election in the days ahead, so keep checking back. And don’t think my covering other topics means I stopped covering this disputed election. At this same time in 2016 Hillary Clinton was not calling on her supporters to give up yet and in 2000 at this time Al Gore was not calling on his supporters to give up yet. So don’t anyone try saying Trump is being “divisive” or “tearing the country apart” when Hillary and Gore kept the nation in suspense much longer than he has. Continue reading


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