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rubin-reportHere at Balladeer’s Blog I often write about my own personal disillusionment with the increasingly fascistic and intolerant American Left in general and the Democrats in particular. The famed Dave Rubin had a similar estrangement from the fanatics called Democrats.

In a recent interview he went so far as to predict that leftists will destroy themselves with the way they continue purging rational Democrats from the party. The link is below but first some excerpts:

“The Left, unfortunately, has become about collectivism,” said the Rubin Report host, who added that those who believe in the “collective over the individual” are the ones who are actually “exerting prejudice.”

Rubin also pointed out how the left still tries to hurl unfounded accusations of “hatred” against everyone who disagrees with them:

“If the conservatives are the home of the homophobes and the bigots, [then conservatives] are doing a really, really terrible job of it,” said Rubin at the recent Student Action Summit for Turning Point USA.

“You’ve got one side [the Left] that screams about tolerance all the time, but never actually exerts it, and you have another side that doesn’t talk about tolerance that much, because they just sort of act that way.”

democrats hate free speechRubin also said that he believes the Left will end up destroying itself by purging the last remaining rational democrats from the party, as they are quick to attack their own whenever a fellow liberal attempts to take a more moderate stance.

“This idea of intersectionality — [the Left] has created this Pyramid of Oppression Olympics that is in constant competition to be more oppressed,” said Rubin.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, FOR SUPPORTERS OF FREE SPEECH: Rubin discussed the way that sites like Patreon seem to have joined the corporate fascists at Facebook, Google and Twitter in trying to eliminate online dissent from the Democrat Party line. Obliquely referring to the rumored start of a FREE SPEECH ALTERNATIVE TO PATREON, Rubin said “The cavalry’s coming.”   Continue reading


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why-i-left-the-leftTo give readers a break from my blog posts about how much contempt I’ve come to feel for the political left that I used to be a part of, I periodically post these articles about others who have come to feel the same way.

In this case it’s Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report fame. The link to the full item is below. First some excerpts:  

“Do you believe in free speech?

“Do you believe that people should be judged by their character, not their skin color?

“Do you believe in freedom of religion?

“If you believe these things, you’re probably not a progressive. You might think you’re a progressive. I used to think I was. My show, The Rubin Report, was originally part of the progressive The Young Turks network.

rubin-report“Progressives used to say, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.” Not anymore.

“Banning speakers whose opinions you don’t agree with from college campuses – that’s not progressive.

“Prohibiting any words not approved of as ‘politically correct’ that’s not progressive.

“Putting ‘Trigger Warnings’ on books, movies, music, anything that might offend people – that’s not progressive either.

“All of this has led me to be believe that much of the Left is no longer progressive, but regressive. This is one of the reasons I’ve spent so much time on my show talking about The Regressive Left. Continue reading


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