Antifa is that youWhile the buffoonish Joe Biden said that George Floyd’s death was “bigger than the Martin Luther King assassination” and how he wants to use troops to remove de facto Third Party President Donald Trump from office, the other slobbering psychopaths called Democrats continued their war on the rest of us.

Antifa demDemocrats want the police defunded, want people fired for daring to criticize Democrat mobs and are okay with several city blocks including a police station being seized by the mostly white children of privilege from KLAN-tifa (Antifa). The Democrat mayor even called that seizure “patriotic” and is ignoring the ongoing extortion of protection money from innocent people trapped inside the Klantifa-held area. 

Lee Fang, one of the few actual journalists left in the country, commented on social media regarding what’s going on around the country and also posted remarks made by a young man of color. 

Lee Fang


Social media is not only turning these violent protests into a form of entertainment, it’s also a dangerous incentive for groupthink for reporters terrified of openly questioning the lefty conventional wisdom around riots.

Seeing so many manipulate the MLK quote that riots are the “language of the unheard.” Read the actual speech. It’s a passionate argument against riots and in support of nonviolence at a time when much of the radical left despised MLK and embraced violence. 

Asked everyone I spoke with today if there was anything they wanted to get off their chest about the movement. Max from Oakland, a supporter of BLM, had a measured critique he wanted to share. (click on the 2,741)

Looters different from protestorsMeanwhile, Michael Tracey, whose disgust with the Democrats reminds me so much of my own when I first decided to #WALKAWAY from them and become an Independent Voter, also expressed sentiments on social media.
Here they are below: 

Michael Tracey


Media culture is now filled with coddled 20-and-30 somethings who have been inculcated into believing that presenting an alternate view constitutes “violence” against them, and therefore they’re not obligated to make arguments. Their inherent rightness/superiority is just ASSUMED

Understand what’s happening here. The left/liberal media world is demanding that journalists CEASE CRITICAL THINKING and hand over their critical thinking faculties to others, because to not do so would be gravely offensive and possibly even violent. Fucking ridiculous clowns.

The left-wing activist/media world (there is no real distinction between the two) increasingly operates like some kind of New Age cult. There is plenty of cult-like behavior on the Right as well, but these left-wing activists are culturally ascendant and they are total lunatics.

The staff of the New York Times is currently having a humiliating public mental breakdown. They are so emotionally fragile that they can’t handle an op-ed from a US Senator. They are supposed to be professional journalists, but they have the emotional maturity of toddlers.



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  1. Lisa

    It really is like they’ve declared war on us.

  2. Art

    Resistance to Democrats is the way to go!

  3. Anna Martin

    The Democrats want a one party nation and the Republicans are too weak to stop it.

  4. Renee

    Good blog post. Democrats are the fascists they accuse everyone else of being.

  5. Ollie

    Democrats threaten and use violence like Nazis.

  6. Leigh

    War is the only way to describe it.

  7. Brent

    The Democrats are criminals and fascists now.

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