Brandon StrakaIt’s been two years since openly gay Brandon Straka launched #WALKAWAY for all of us former Democrats who have grown disgusted with the party’s increasing fascism, intolerance and violence. The #WALKAWAY YT channel is still the site to check out for testimonials from so many of us about why we left the Democrats to become Independent Voters.

#WalkAwayEspecially nauseating is the way Democrats always blame their failures on the nation as a whole. Recently we were all appalled by the actions of a Minnesota policeman whose Union donates heavily to Democrat politicians. As in the same Democrat politicians who kept the officer instated despite his past history of behavior. But hey, the Democrats and their media outlets are pushing the blame on to the nation as a whole. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES.

And now Democrats in Minneapolis and other locales are absurdly pushing to defund and dismantle their police departments to replace them with British-style “common cause” political police who will react to incidents based on the intersectional pyramid instead of the law. What could go wrong?

riot cartoonWell, plenty, but when it DOES you can bet Democrats will blame it on the rest of us and call for even more power to be concentrated in their hands. Or else we’ll be victimized by more rioting. And so it goes.   

The past several days have provided plenty of more reasons to leave the Democrat Party with its Antifa (KLAN-tifa) thugs and its callous attitude toward the victims of rioting and looting. (To Democrats ONLY the rioters and looters deserve financial and moral support.) 



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  1. Sarah

    I am a former democrat myself. Brandon is doing good work!

  2. Ike Love

    Straka is one of the greats on the modern political scene. You mad? Here’s a cape. Now you can be supermad.

  3. Delinda

    All of us should #walkaway.

  4. yankee170

    I left the Democrats too.

  5. Imbebe Umbeaucoup

    Straka is a great man doing a great thing! #walkaway

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