#WalkAwayIt’s time for another installment of Democrat Atrocity Roundup. If you need to ask what their latest atrocities have involved then you haven’t been paying attention the past several days. STOP THE HATE. STOP THE DIVISIVENESS. STOP THE LIES. #WALKAWAY now.

Remember, NONE of us can help what color skin we were born with or the country where we were born, but we sure as hell CAN choose to #WALKAWAY from the party of non-stop hatred and violence to become Independent Voters.

fascists will call themselves anti-fascistsEspecially disgusting is the way that Democrats self-righteously pretend that victims of the riots MUST treat the rioters who destroyed their homes or places of business with the same reverence accorded to the dead victim whose name the rioters use as an excuse for their ravages.

The biggest regret of my life is that I used to belong to that party of political robots and hate-filled demagogues.

The Democrats, their media outlets and their privileged white worms called Antifa (really KLAN-tifa) distorted actual protests, turning them into riots.

democrat republican awakeWE NEED THIRD PARTIES! And we need for even more of us former Democrats to #WALKAWAY from that divisive and destructive organization. Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site that equally criticizes both Republicans and Democrats.

Financially comfortable Democrats PLUS the bloated rich pigs among them continue crushing the lives and livelihoods of the working class by irrationally refusing to implement careful, incremental reopenings.

It’s a destructive game of mere contrariness at this point, since the fascistic Democrats are convinced that reopening benefits President Trump. The fact that reopening helps working class people PUT FOOD ON THEIR TABLES AND KEEP A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS means nothing to the callous, comfortable and uncaring one-percenters. 

On top of that, Australia and SIXTY (UPDATE – it is now ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN) other nations have joined the U.S. in wanting an investigation of China’s negligence and culpability in the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus but America’s Democrats are, predictably, blindly accepting the propaganda of the totalitarian Chinese government. 

Democrat rat logo


Time for another round of Democrat Atrocity Roundup! Congressional Democrats decided to ignore what HAD been a bipartisan relief package regarding the Chinese Coronavirus and instead play their usual political games.

Crazed Nancy PelosiEven the Democrats at the New York Times pointed out in their headlines how the Democrats had scuttled this package.

I didn’t think I could still be surprised by the depths the Democrats will sink to but they proved me wrong. This revives the often-asked question about Congressional Democrats: Are they vermin or are they just large clumps of bacteria sculpted into human form? 

#WalkAway*** DEMOCRAT CHUCK SCHUMER THREATENS SUPREME COURT JUSTICES – Reaching a new level of thuggery even for the party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow, Senator Chuck Schumer threatened Supreme Court Justices who make decisions that the Democrats don’t agree with.

He warned them that “(Y)ou will pay the price! You won’t know what hit you!”

The politics of fascist intimidation seem to be the Democrats’ primary stock in trade these days, especially given how they also try to get people fired simply for expressing opinions they disagree with.

This can be added to the many, many reasons to #WALKAWAY from that disgraceful political party and become an Independent voter. And there’s so much more:

Democrats upside downEarlier installments: 

*** SENTENCING COMING FOR CRIMINAL AIDE OF DEMOCRAT SENATOR MAGGIE HASSAN AND DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE SHEILA JACKSON LEE. That former aide – Jackson Cosko – pleaded guilty to crimes related to the ranksacking of a Senate office, extorting a Senator, doxing Republicans and blackmailing a witness.

Cosko’s father is even tied to top California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. For the full story on this, just one of many ugly Democrat Party scandals, CLICK HERE  

#WalkAwayBrain-dead Frederica Wilson, Democrat member of Congress (aka “bought and paid-for whores”) openly called for people who ridicule members of Congress to be prosecuted. For what, the little imbecile apparently couldn’t say.

The simpleton also stumbled over her brief statement, confusing “unacceptable” and “not unacceptable.” Frederica, who dresses like a rodeo clown, is apparently one of those Democrats who think they are our rulers rather than our elected representatives.

Thank you, Frederica, for driving even MORE of us former Democrats to the #WALKAWAY movement. CHECK OUT #WALKAWAY online, by the way. It’s home to a lot of us former Democrats who have grown disgusted with what intolerant fascists that party has become. See also, Antifa’s (Really KLAN-Tifa’s) threat to start acid attacks next. Definitely not the party of FDR and JFK anymore. 

For Frederica’s idiocy click HERE


Democrat Thugs harassing Asian AmericansDEMOCRATS HARASS INNOCENT NORTH KOREAN DEFECTORS FOR WEARING MAGA HATS – Democrat intolerance knows no bounds. Their ugly political prejudices govern their behavior in all things, from hiring decisions to physical assaults on people wearing clothing they don’t like.

#WalkAwayThe Asians that Democrats were filmed harassing recently in Washington DC turned out to be people who had fled North Korean tyranny and sought asylum here in the US. Those former North Koreans thought they were becoming part of a free society but Democrats work hard every day to make the country less and less free and to make it resemble the kind of oppressive country that these brave North Koreans escaped from. CLICK HERE

Have I mentioned recently that my biggest regret in life is that I belonged to that party of callous, unfeeling fascists before I left it to become an Independent Voter? I thought I had.


Stacey AbramsDemocrat Stacey Abrams is still denying that she lost her failed campaign to become governor of Georgia in 2018. She insists she won it. 

Yes, just like career criminal Hillary “Fake Charity” Clinton, ANOTHER Democrat – the party which pretends President Trump will be as destructively fascistic as they are if he loses his reelection bid in 2020 – has blatantly defied election results.

In fact, Abrams blatantly said that Democrats “don’t have to concede anymore” (see below). She claimed that since “the system” is “unfair” then election results under an unfair system don’t need to be honored. Except, apparently, when Democrats win. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how Democrat fascists can support Abrams’ remarks (silence IS consent, Democrats are forever sniveling) yet claim it will be horrible if President Trump behaves the same way.

Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton


So, Stacey and your fellow Democrat fascists, how about when Republicans of Color lose elections? Is that, too, just a sign of an unfair system? Should THOSE election results be disregarded, too? If prominent Democrat Party members like Abrams – who is often touted as a potential Vice Presidential candidate in 2020 – publicly endorse the notion that election results don’t need to be accepted then that’s an open invitation to violence.

And by the way, DON’T BLAME THIS ON ABRAMS’ RACE. Plenty of Candidates of Color who are Republicans are mature and accept election results. IT IS STACEY ABRAMS’ STATUS AS A DEMOCRAT THAT MAKES HER ENDORSE THE FASCIST NOTION OF IGNORING ELECTION RESULTS.


#WALKAWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATS AND BECOME AN INDEPENDENT VOTER LIKE SO MANY OF US FORMER DEMOCRATS HAVE. The Democrat Party is too disgusting to be associated with. It’s a home now for fascists like Stacey Abrams and anti-Semitic hatemongers like Ilhan Omar.

#WalkAwayThe biggest regret of my life is that I used to belong to the increasingly deranged party of the Democrats. I became an Independent voter long ago and I’m glad to see other former Democrats taking to social media with their stories about why they decided to #WALKAWAY.

Mueller fake newsEver since the release of the Mueller Report further debunked the already absurd Russian Collusion and “obstruction” (LMAO) fantasies of the Democrats they have frothed at the mouth and proceeded as if the exact opposite happened. People who still rant and rave about collusion and obstruction are as idiotic as people who claimed Obama was “a Muslim sleeper agent” or say that aliens abduct them on a nightly basis.

Democrat lunacy aside, that Party of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Japanese Internment, The Trail of Tears and so much more continues to pile on the abhorrent behavior. Links are below but for just a handful of the latest Democrat atrocities:

*** Democrats have now labeled the police “The Blue Klux Klan.”

*** Democrats now push antisemitism fanatically, led by hatemongers like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

*** Democrats now move to have candidates they don’t like kept off of state ballots.

*** Democrats do that while continuing to fight legal efforts to stop their vote fraud travesty called “vote harvesting.”

*** Democrats in New York refused tuition breaks for Gold Star Families but still provide them for illegal immigrants. 

#WalkAwayWE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I’m one of the many former Democrats who have chosen to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly deranged and fascistic political party.

illegal immigration democrat vote machineDEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED LAST WEEK TO ENABLE CONTINUED VOTING BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This story is being featured all over the place so you can choose whichever outlet you prefer. Typical of Democrat worminess they used to deny that illegal immigrants voted, then when proof kept coming forward that illegals ARE and HAVE BEEN voting in violation of the law they moved on to their next bizarre stand.

democrats fraudulent and illegal votingThat stand: refusing to interfere with localities that OPENLY LET ILLEGALS VOTE. Oh, yes, those Democrat-run localities pretend that they’re only going to let them vote in “local issues.” Uh. Yeah. Right. I’m sure it will be on the “Honor System” since Democrats like to pretend it’s “racist” to enforce any voting laws, which means there will be absolutely no checking to make sure illegals are voting only in local issues (as if that is not violation enough).

Nydia M Velazquez


Democrats continue to drive away so many of us who used to belong to that party. The latest vileness came in the form of THREATENING REMARKS MADE TO A YOUNGSTER BY DEMOCRAT CONGRESSWOMAN NYDIA VELAZQUEZ.

That young man of color – C.J. Pearson – tweeted out a remark about AOC during the SOTU address and referred to “the woman sitting next to AOC.” (NOTE: During the SOTU Congressional reps bring guests to sit with them. It’s not like during a regular session when it could be assumed that anyone sitting near AOC would be a fellow member of the House.)

Since Democrats in office increasingly think that they are our rulers rather than our elected representatives, Nydia Velazquez got indignant that CJ Pearson can’t instantly identify all 435 members of the House. She pompously tweeted back:

“I’m not ‘the woman sitting next to her. @AOC and I — and millions like us — are the future of this country. And you’re right to be afraid of us. But you should learn my name.”

Riiight. If a member of the opposition party had tweeted something like that to a young man of color or anyone else it would have been the lead story on every Democrat news outlet and would spark one of those “national conversations” that Democrats simperingly insist we should have all the time. And by the way Pearson made no reference to “being afraid” of anybody. Velazquez may be projecting.

C J Pearson


This is an ELECTED DEMOCRAT MEMBER OF CONGRESS, and she’s TELLING A YOUNG MAN OF COLOR THAT HE IS “RIGHT TO BE AFRAID OF US.” What a pompous fascist! Does Velazquez think we live in a Banana Republic? Does she plan on having Democrat goons “disappear” citizens who earn her disfavor?

And who does she think he should be afraid of when she says “us?” All Democrats? All Hispanic-Americans? Once again we see that the Democrats are about non-stop hatred and division.

With Democrats (Motto: Illegal Immigrants: Right or Wrong!) in Congress and in Hollywood saying “As long as illegal immigration never harms US personally, we’re all for it” it’s time for another Democrat Atrocity Roundup.

International red crossRED CROSS COMPARES THE U.S. – MEXICO BORDER TO A WAR ZONE – Apparently the white collar criminals of the Washington D.C. Swamp are going to wait until Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen are trading shots inside the Alamo itself before they deign to acknowledge the druglord no-man’s land in the American Southwest.

Our STILL unsecured southern border remains a sieve for all illegal comers, even diseased and criminal ones. The Democrats do not care about our friends and loved ones who have been killed, wounded or forced to move as the Cartels slither over from the Narco-State of Mexico.

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsNor do they care about all the additional crimes committed by repeat deportees who simply re-cross the border. Democrats consider all illegal immigrants to be voters for their political party, either with or without amnesty. AND the party’s big money donors want the flood of illegals to continue so that wages fall, padding their own financial bottom lines. 

Two of the biggest lies Democrats tell about illegal immigration: a) “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” No, they do the jobs that pompous snobs and one percenters won’t do. Americans would be quite willing to do those jobs.

And b) Back in the 1990s Democrats claimed NAFTA and similar deals that shaft American workers would provide so many jobs in Mexico that the flood of illegals would stop because those people would find work in Mexico instead of slipping across the border. And needless to say, Democrats said it in their usual condescending, clueless jackass manner. Just like they do EVERY TIME THEY’RE WRONG.

illegal immigration cartoonDEMOCRAT JERRY BROWN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA LIKE HIS FATHER BEFORE HIM, PARDONED HUNDREDS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AS HE LEFT OFFICE. Brown did that so that the poor, delicate little darlings – who had committed multiple ADDITIONAL crimes – would not have to be turned over to the Immigration authorities.

They are now among us and the Democrats do NOT care which of us may die or be raped or otherwise victimized by these repeat offenders. The ONLY thing Democrats care about is assisting illegal immigration. It benefits THEM so to hell with the rest of us, Democrats figure.

And Brown’s successor, Democrat Gavin Newsome, AS HIS FIRST ACT, moved to expand free health benefits to ILLEGALS. 

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS ADMIT THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF OR HOW MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTED THERE – That’s why Democrats LOVE “motor voter” registration, so that illegal immigrants can vote for their candidates. For the disgusting details click HERE 

Candace Owens cartoonANTIFA RACISTS ASSAULT AFRICAN-AMERICAN CANDACE OWENS – The Democrats of Antifa (Motto: “Large numbers of crazed losers acting in concert”) continue their roving Hate Squad antics. Recently these fools were attacking Woman of Courage Candace Owens in public. Antifa trash aren’t exactly intelligent and they were screaming at Candace to end “White Supremacy.” Uh. Yeah. Gutless clowns.

Democrat bigots are getting very upset that the recent Rasmussen poll showed President Trump at 29 percent approval with African-Americans, higher than any Republican in an eternity. #WalkAway is a wonderful thing. Democrats do not deserve votes from working class people of ANY color.

At any rate Antifa should be known as KLAN-tifa instead. 

Victims of Illegal Immigrants“SANCTUARY CITY” PHILADELPHIA PROTECTED ANOTHER ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WHO THEN WENT ON TO RAPE A CHILD – Remember Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor dancing for the cameras when a court decreed that Philly could remain a sanctuary city? If they had turned the rapist in to immigration authorities like they were supposed to the child would not have been raped. The biggest regret of my life is that I ever belonged to the party of the Democrats.

Democrats proudly scream from the rooftops that illegal immigrants mean more to them than all the dead and raped victims of illegal immigrant violence. Democrat Nancy Pelosi reminded voters this week that votes for Democrats “empower” illegal immigrants.

FOR DEMOCRATS HISTORY IS BUNK – Salim Mansur takes a look at the Democrats’ Orwellian attempts to rewrite history. CLICK HERE

Russians are comingAnd Democrats wonder why the #WalkAway movement is so popular. Well, actually, it should come as no surprise that HuffPo, the site for HUFFy, POST-menopausal white Democrats, blamed #WalkAway on RUSSIANS! I’m serious.

Just get some psychiatric help, Democrats, and maybe some day all of us will come back to you.


Remember how Little Barry wanted Putin to know that he’d “Have more flexibility after the election.” That smacks more of collusion with the eeeevilll Putin than anything President Trump did or said. I’ve got a whole list of things like that from Obama’s disastrous years if you psychopaths are prepared to explain to me why we didn’t hear a peep out of you nauseating hypocrites about any of them.

And the Democrats’ oft-spoken distrust and distaste for America’s rightfully despised “Intelligence Community” (LMAO) of the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc was one of the reasons I used to be a Democrat. These days Democrats are thrilled at the thought of intelligence agency thugs abusing their powers.

Bush CIAAnd let’s talk about CIA scumbag JOHN BRENNAN! This barely human piece of filth – WHO HAD TO RESIGN OVER CIA SCANDALS ABOUT COVERT OPS AGAINST MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WAY BACK WHEN – has no room to criticize President Trump – or anyone else – about anything. There are drug dealers and child pornographers who can look down their noses at the John Brennans of the world and say “Eeewww.”

John Brennan is Exhibit A regarding why abortion should always be legal. If only his mother had known she had that option the world would have been spared her vile offspring’s lifetime of polluting our planet … But I kid conscienceless trash from the CIA. A CIA which has a history of INTERFERING IN ELECTIONS OF SOVEREIGN NATIONS. 


Exposure of Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC’s corrupt activities was as deserving of public exposure as the Pentagon Papers. Democrats were often accused of being “traitors” and “conspirators” for publishing THOSE documents, which were classified. PSST! DEMOCRATS! You guys were RIGHT about the need to publish the Pentagon Papers and you’re WRONG to get this upset over Hillary’s misdeeds coming to light.  

Hillary reset buttonAnd speaking of Hillary, remember her ridiculous presentation of a “RESET” button to the Russians when she was Secretary of State (LMAO)? If you’re upset over Trump – quite correctly – implying our intelligence services are just as crooked and self-serving as the Russians’ intelligence services then why weren’t you upset at Hillary and Obama basically saying “Now that the scum from the previous administration is gone we cosmopolitan sophisticates can reset our relationship.”

And yes, I consider George W Bush to be vermin, too, I’m just pointing out how similar it was when Hillary and Obama pointed out Bush being pond-scum and Trump pointing out that America’s “Intelligence Community” (LMAO) are pond-scum. It’s too bad Trump went with the “misspoke” explanation because he had it right the first time. Trust me, it’s no secret to ANYBODY in the world that the CIA and its ilk are garbage.

But Democrats apparently feel that when the CIA and others are doing things that help Democrat Party members then it’s okay.   

democrats and poor peopleIt’s time for another Democrat atrocity roundup! The party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F Kennedy has become unrecognizable. I’ve laid out plenty of reasons in the past regarding how and why they’ve driven away so many of us former members.

Among their latest exercises in the politics of sheer spite was their passionate defense of MS13, the gang whose motto is “KILL, RAPE, CONTROL.” Okay, I’ll admit KILL, RAPE, CONTROL would make an appropriate motto for the Democrats themselves in some ways, but in this case the reason behind the Democrats’ insane defense of MS13 was … because many of them are illegal immigrants on top of their other crimes. And “Illegal immigrants uber alles” is THE sentiment that governs the Democrats.  

And because it is ALWAYS fun to puncture the pomposity of Democrat asses who think that only Republican asses are disgusting:   

Obama Derp*** ANOTHER OBAMA CROOK PLEADS GUILTY – In what seems like the 999,897,789th scandal from what Obama and the Democrat media try to pretend was his “scandal-free” (LMAO) administration, YET ANOTHER Obama Gang Soldier goes down.

Raphael A Sanchez, Obama’s top attorney for I.C.E. in Seattle, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Sanchez proved that Democrats – especially from the Obama Administration – never run out of ways of exploiting the illegal immigration problem. Sanchez admitted forging documents with info obtained through his access to I.C.E. resources and used those documents for stealing identities to open credit card and bank accounts.

I guess Obama’s motto was really “Yes we CAN exploit illegal immigrants for more than just vote fraud!” You can find more on the Sanchez story wherever you like. But seriously, though, “The Sanchez Method” may be the wave of the future in Democrat Fund Raising Efforts!

Democrat slogan*** AND SPEAKING OF VOTE FRAUD, the Best Friend of Democrat Politicians everywhere, around ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MORE non-citizens have been found on the voter rolls, this time in Pennsylvania. Talk about “election interference!”

Funny how it’s only Democrats who keep saying this is not an issue that should be pursued.    

democrat republican awakeDEMOCRATS SAY “OUR POLITICAL PARTY, RIGHT OR WRONG!” – Read any of the Watergate books that you choose and a very striking difference stands out: some Republican office-holders of the era openly expressed disgust over the Nixon scandals despite him being a member of their own political party. Not so the Democrats with the current flood of Hillary/ Obama scandals.

Democrats have driven away all of us with any sense of reason, leaving their party filled with political robots who are so lacking in individuality that none of their office-holders have enough integrity to express disgust over Hillary and Obama’s actions. Mindlessly and unquestioningly they parrot every ridiculous excuse that the Democratic (sic) National Committee orders them to believe.

You also have to wonder how many of the Democrat robots who are still in the Party ever bother to take in overseas news sources or other outlets. I’m guessing very few. The rest shut off their brains and stick to Huff-Po, the site for HUFFy, POST-menopausal white Democrats. 

Mascot with demo and repub headsDEAL WITH IT – Speaking of the Watergate and Vietnam War era, I will point out again that those times forced some of the political right in America to face up to  the flaws in their vision AND in their heroes.

The political left in America are perpetual children who STILL refuse to ever face up to the flaws in THEIR vision and THEIR heroes. The Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who have distorted our “educational system” (LMAO) are the main culprits. 

FBI cartoonF.B.I. = S.C.U.M. – More and more comes out on a daily basis regarding how the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama “fundamentally transformed” every arm of the government into a replica of the Chicago Political Sewer he slithered out of.

The FBI has been exposed as just a Democrat Campaign organization working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.    

illegal immigration cartoonILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS UBER ALLES – The Democrats very recently brought about a government shutdown on behalf of their beloved illegal immigrants from Mexico. Tone-deaf as ever, the members of DemCorp were stunned by how unpopular that move was and quickly surrendered.

Yes, illegal immigrants are sure Democrat voters (despite the way Democrat President Polk was the man behind the Mexican War that DemCorp loves blaming on the rest of the country) so Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and their ilk were happy to cut off the pay of men and women serving in the field on behalf of people in the country illegally. (aka “Hillary Voters in 2016”) 

FBI coupF.B.I. – FELONIOUS BARACK’S INQUISITORS – Every day more and more information emerges about the illegal way Obama’s politicized FBI functioned as a pro-Hillary sabotage operation during and after the 2016 presidential election.

President Trump – our de facto Third Party President – is still battling countless Obama partisans bitterly clinging to their bureaucratic fiefdoms. Draining the Swamp – more like the cesspool – at the FBI is still an uphill fight. Meanwhile Murky Mueller and his Funky Bunch of Hillary donors continue their absurd Russian Collusion inquisition.

Democrats feel “If you liked the Civil War we caused to try to keep our slaves, you’ll LOVE the Civil War we’re trying to cause by overturning an election we lost!” 

Corinne BrownDEMOCRAT CORINNE BROWN SENT TO PRISON FOR RUNNING A FAKE CHARITY AS A SLUSH FUND – If you’re like me you’ve lost count on how many Democrats in office commit this same type of  crime. In this case Democrat Corinne Brown, a Florida Representative to Congress until her electoral defeat last November, was sentenced to 5 years in prison plus restitution payments when she gets out.

Per News 4 in Jacksonville, FL:

“At its core, the case was focused on One Door, a group billed as a charity for disadvantaged children that raised more than $800,000 over a four-year stretch. In fact, most of that money benefited Brown personally. Of the $833,000 raised, only $1,200 went toward scholarships. ***

Corinne Brown and Crooked Barry“The rest paid for things such as events and travel for Brown and those in her orbit, as well as dozens of cash deposits to her personal bank account and a range of frivolous expenses, like nearly $14,000 for Beyonce tickets and $15,000 for a suite at a Jaguars-Redskins game.

“A jury found Brown guilty … of 18 counts of federal mail, wire and tax fraud for soliciting donations for the fake charity, using that charity as a “slush fund” for herself and her associates, and lying on her taxes and congressional disclosure forms. (News4Jax) ”

Corinne Brown and Crooked HillaryAh, Democrats and their “Peculiar Institutions!” Like Fake Charities and so many others.

So when does Hillary Clinton get sentenced, since she did the same thing plus other offenses. Talk about White Privilege! DRAIN THE SWAMP!

International red crossRED CROSS COMPARES THE U.S. – MEXICO BORDER TO A WAR ZONE – Apparently the white collar criminals of the Washington D.C. Swamp are going to wait until Mexican Drug Cartel gunmen are trading shots inside the Alamo itself before they deign to acknowledge the druglord no-man’s land in the American Southwest.

Our STILL unsecured southern border remains a sieve for all illegal comers, even diseased and criminal ones. The Democrats do not care about our friends and loved ones who have been killed, wounded or forced to move as the Cartels slither over from the Narco-State of Mexico.

Victims of Illegal ImmigrantsNor do they care about all the additional crimes committed by repeat deportees who simply re-cross the border. Democrats consider all illegal immigrants to be voters for their political party, either with or without amnesty. AND the party’s big money donors want the flood of illegals to continue so that wages fall, padding their own financial bottom lines. 

Two of the biggest lies Democrats tell about illegal immigration: a) “Illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do.” No, they do the jobs that pompous snobs and one percenters won’t do. Americans would be quite willing to do those jobs.

And b) Back in the 1990s Democrats claimed NAFTA and similar deals that shaft American workers would provide so many jobs in Mexico that the flood of illegals would stop because those people would find work in Mexico instead of slipping across the border. And needless to say, Democrats said it in their usual condescending, clueless jackass manner. Just like they do EVERY TIME THEY’RE WRONG.

Democrat slogan


The hypocritical Democrats – who have driven so many of us from the party with their fascism – love to COMMIT the atrocities that they then go on to blame THE REST OF US FOR! They love to act like THEY can just move on and forget their role in slavery, Japanese internment, the Trail of Tears and so much else, but the rest of the country bears some absurd collective guilt over those things for the rest of eternity.

Hatred and violence are in the DNA of the Democrats. They seem anxious to start another Civil War like when they wanted to keep their slaves.

Gulf of TonkinGULF OF TONKIN: If there’s one thing that Democrats love to lecture the rest of us about it’s the Vietnam War. As with so many other things the Democrats love to blame on everyone else it was caused by a DEMOCRAT – President Lyndon Johnson’s administration played the Big Lie game over the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

More like the Gulf of Tonkin Fabrication, but this is so typical of the Democrats. They CAUSE something that costs countless lives, then try to act like they were the ones AGAINST the tragedy in the first place. (Like their destruction of healthcare under Obama and the way they now act like all the death and suffering caused by the Obamacare debacle should be thrown down the Memory Hole.)

Regarding Vietnam: All the lives lost, all the pain and suffering, the Agent Orange atrocity and more – it can ALL be laid at the Democrats’ door since they love assessing blame. Remember that the next time Democrats try lecturing the rest of us about this war.  

Imacon Color ScannerTRAIL OF TEARS: Democrat President Andrew Jackson openly ignored a Supreme Court decision and subjected Native Americans to the hardships and large-scale deaths in forcibly moving them along what became infamous as the Trail of Tears.

THE SPOILS SYSTEM: Democrat Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren became synonymous with the Spoils System, under which political hacks would be placed in high positions. Those positions were ideal for graft and other corruption and for abusing authority to force their subordinates to serve the Democrats, NOT the public.

Plantation slavesSLAVERY: Anyone who knows American history knows that the Democrats fought to preserve and extend their beloved “Peculiar Institution” of slavery just as obstinately as they fight today to preserve and extend Islam’s Gender Apartheid and their beloved Peculiar Institution of Sharia Law.  

Hell, slavery meant SO much to Democrats that they callously divided the nation in a Civil War to try preserving it. In typical Democrat fashion they watched wave after wave of young men die for their hate-filled cause. It would not be the last time. 

Roger B TaneyTHE DRED SCOTT DECISION: In the years leading up to the Civil War DEMOCRAT Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger B Taney was responsible for the Dred Scott Decision which claimed that African-Americans were not people and therefore had no rights. Democrats still blame the rest of us for this outrage, too.

THE KU KLUX KLAN: Democrats were so resentful that other Americans freed their slaves that they formed the KKK to torment, terrorize and harass freed African-Americans. A century later they would perfect the practice of pretending moral superiority over the rest of us for what THEIR party was responsible for.    

And yes, Democrats, I know your standard excuse will be “That was a long time ago. We’re better people now.” Well if YOU PEOPLE can say it, then it also applies to THE REST OF US, TOO. So get down off your soap boxes and quit lecturing the rest of us about the “diversity” your political party opposed for so long. 

Jim Crow LawsJIM CROW: Democrats used every underhanded legislative and judiciary trick their bigoted minds could come up with to keep violating the rights of African-Americans. They did this for a century, then gave into the inevitable and embraced the long-active Civil Rights Movement.

Most of the hard and dangerous work in that Civil Rights Movement had already been laid out by the point in the 1960s when the Democrats co-opted it. Over the years, the Democrats would try to take credit for the entire Civil Rights Movement even though THEY were the ones the Civil Rights Movement was FIGHTING for so long. (Martin Luther King, Jr – like Abe Lincoln – was a Republican.)

RACE-BAITING: Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s oft-quoted, less than altruistic remark about the Democrats’ hijacking of credit for the Civil Rights Movement was this: “We’ll have them nigras voting for Democrats for the next two hundred years!”  Indeed the Democrats would, while giving African-Americans precious little in return for their votes.  

Most sickening are the 1960s generation of Democrats who made a hobby out of the real-life suffering that African-Americans went through. Yet, in true Democrat fashion, those pretentious asses now lecture the rest of us about “White Privilege.”

JAPANESE INTERNMENT: Yes, even the WW II internment of the Japanese – ANOTHER outrage that the Democrats love to blame on the rest of America – was done by a Democrat President. Democrat Supreme Court Justices like Hugo Black upheld it. 

ATOMIC BOMBS DROPPED ON HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI: You guessed it – a DEMOCRAT President – Harry S Truman – okayed dropping both bombs.

SEIZURE OF THE STEEL MILLS DURING THE KOREAN WAR: That same Democrat President seized the steel mills during the Korean War when labor trouble threatened steel production.

DEATH-THREATS TO THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: See the opening paragraph of this item. This ugly “innovation” of the Democrats also means that future elections may not be over on Election Night. They may drag on with the campaigning all the way until the Electoral College meets in December.

DISTORTION OF LIBERALISM: Democrats of the 1960s generation distorted Liberalism into a philosophy that was critical ONLY of the Western World.

DISTORTION OF THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: 1960s Democrats who spend their lives hiding in the prolonged adolescence of the “Academic World” (LMFAO) distorted all levels of the educational system into one big Democrat Voter Drive.

Alleged “teachers” at all levels encourage their students to hate United States President Donald Trump and everyone else who refuses to obey the Democrats.

And yes, the Republicans are repulsive, too, but they don’t try to present themselves as “the official scolds” of the nation like the sanctimonious fools called Democrats do. +++  



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  1. A Texan

    Frederica, the rodeo clown, is very lucky at this point that ‘make fun of them’ is all we do. Her and fellow grifters in Team R deserve so much worse than becoming the butt of jokes. But hey, keeping pushing the envelope, some of us at some point will have nothing to lose.

    And hat tip to the Democrats. Not every brown person in America wants the hordes from south of the border. They kind of like things like a functioning potable water system and minimal crime.

  2. Randall

    The democrats are the worst people in the country right now.

  3. Claira Janover

    Privileged white democrats are the worst of all.

  4. Nellie

    Democrats have no room to talk about anyone else’s deeds.

  5. Gail

    The democrats are working overtime to prove you right.

  6. Ross

    Are you a republican or a democrat?

  7. Ladonna

    Atrocities might be strong a description for some of these but I get your point.

  8. Louisa

    Like you often point out the crimes and sins of America are largely the crimes and sins of Democrats.

  9. Nick & Bridget

    We used to be Democrats too. They are nothing like what they used to be.

  10. F to the S

    Damn right. This says it all about Democrat villainy.

  11. Janya

    You have such a unique blog! And I like Trump too!

  12. yankee170

    Outstanding collection of Democrat atrocities and crimes!

  13. Jonnyspeed

    You’d need a lot more space to cover all Democrat atrocities!

  14. Nancy

    The Democrats are intolerant fascists.

  15. 649284 162254I would like to see much more posts like this!.. Fantastic blog btw! reis Subscribed.. 254428

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