Joe Biden senile manThank you to the BERNIE BROS who brought this video to my attention. It’s yet ANOTHER look at the incoherent ramblings of the senile, crooked and inept presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Even though Bernie’s out, his supporters are still making the perfectly valid point that Joe Biden’s cognitive problems are as bad as the trail of corruption he has left behind him. Here is just ONE of the videos with the doddering fool Biden in action. #WALKAWAY


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  1. Can anyone imagine him speaking to dignitaries around the world? What an embarrassment …

  2. Biden is the dumbest sounding man alive and that includes Jim Carey.

  3. Nicholas

    Biden’s not all there, is he?

  4. LeRoye

    Biden can kiss my arse!

  5. Fred

    I think he’s both senile and demented.

  6. M. Erickson

    I’m Joe Biden and so am I! and I approve this potato?!

  7. otto Portmann

    the debate showed a totally unqualified senile JERK

  8. Rula


  9. Claira Janover

    Joe Biden is such a corrupt and lecherous political creep.

  10. Biden could never manage this country or go overseas and talk to other countries. If Biden is elected someone else will run the country through
    Him. That is worrisome.

    • I don’t think Biden can control his own bowel movements at this point, and even going back to last year his people were giving hints that he would only serve one term and then endorse whoever his VP is. Over time that has turned into speculation that Joe will serve just A FEW YEARS and then step down for “health” reasons, giving his VP the incumbent’s advantage going into the 2024 election.

      • I don’t see how he could even do a few years.
        Something is seriously wrong. Every time his wife stands next to him, she looks really worried.

      • I know what you mean. He might start gnawing on her fingers at any moment like he did in that bizarre public appearance months ago. Or she might be afraid he’ll collapse at any moment.

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  12. Kirk

    The Biden campaign is such an act of political malpractice!

  13. Neva

    Joe Biden is like a virtual zombie at this point.

  14. Cynthia

    Joe Biden seems senile.

  15. adam tarver

    Biden is trash and Obama betrayed us all by endorsing him.

  16. Ebonscape

    I’m black and I’m voting for Trump no matter what Biden wants me to do.

  17. za21

    I could watch this video every day! Biden sucks!

  18. Farah

    Calling Biden senile is too kind.

  19. SeanChristopher

    Well said. I was a Democrat but Joe Biden is a joke and seems senile.

  20. Sara K

    Joe Biden is corrupt and a creepy groper too.

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  22. Reddirtrangerette

    I CANNOT believe Americans voted for this stupid, senile, fool over Donald Trump! He is just embarrassing and doesn’t know what he is talking about, even when he is lucid. Our amazing economy will tank. The media has covered up all his gaffs, but the worse part is failing to report at all on the crimes of Hunter Biden. Our enemies will eat him alive because they can see what apparently the democrats cannot–he is feeble-minded and unintelligent. Thanks Dems!

    • I genuinely don’t think it was a fair election. I think this was stolen as surely as the election of 1876 was. Samuel J Tilden was robbed of victory and Rutherford B Hayes was put in. But Hayes didn’t have the bizarre Kamala Harris waiting in the wings. A woman who didn’t even win her own state during the primaries will be president within the next few years if Biden is confirmed after all the legal wrangling. And I agree, Biden is clearly out of it and is clearly in the pay of other nations. We now have a country where the media will simply refuse to cover their favored candidate’s corruption and try to censor all other coverage of it as well.

  23. Pam

    Joe Biden did not really win your election.

  24. What do Joe Biden and Russia have in common?….Neither of them respect boundaries.

  25. What is Kamala Harris’ favorite kind of charcuterie?….Proseciutto

  26. My name is Joe Biden and…I forget this message.

  27. Teedie

    Biden is such a crook.

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