Black PantherHere’s Balladeer’s Blog’s examination of Don McGregor’s 1973-1975 Black Panther story Panther’s Rage. I’m no comic book expert but in my opinion Panther’s Rage surpasses much of the work done by the overrated and overpraised Alan Moore.

This Marvel Comics figure first appeared in 1966 as a guest star alongside the Fantastic Four and Captain America before joining the Avengers.

Erik Killmonger

“Memes … memes, everywhere.”

Here are chapter by chapter links to my review –

ONE: PANTHER’S RAGE – Prince T’Challa, the Black Panther, returns to his isolated African kingdom of Wakanda to try to put down a violent rebellion led by a Wakandan calling himself Erik Killmonger. CLICK HERE 

TWO: DEATH REGIMENTS BENEATH WAKANDA – The Black Panther battles Venomm, the supervillain in charge of Killmonger’s operation tunneling toward Wakanda City while simultaneously mining and stealing the nation’s vibranium reserves. CLICK HERE 

THREE: MALICE BY CRIMSON MOONLIGHT – Killmonger sends a super-powered woman called Malice to help Venomm escape from the Royal Palace’s prison on the same night that T’Challa is undergoing his renewal of the Panther Herb ritual. CLICK HERE  

FOUR: BUT NOW THE SPEARS ARE BROKEN – Baron Macabre, another villainous operative of Killmonger, conducts a reign of terror on Wakanda City with a seemingly undead army at his side. Meanwhile, Monica is accused of murdering Zatama. CLICK HERE  

FIVE: KING CADAVER IS DEAD AND LIVING IN WAKANDA – Wakandan prejudice toward Outworlders is threatening to lead to Monica being railroaded, and the Black Panther’s rematch with Baron Macabre leads him to the Baron’s superior: King Cadaver. CLICK HERE  

SIX: ONCE YOU SLAY THE DRAGON … – After revealing who really killed Zatama, the Black Panther leads the Wakandan army in a raid on Killmonger’s rebel capital, where Lord Karnaj rules in Killmongers’ absence. CLICK HERE   

SEVEN: BLOOD STAINS ON VIRGIN SNOW – The Black Panther pursues Killmonger into the Land of the Chilling Mist where – at Resurrection Altar – he learns how Killmonger and the Altar’s High Priest Sombre (sic) grant super-powers to some of Erik’s followers. CLICK HERE  

EIGHT: THE GOD KILLER – After surviving against a pack of Devil-Wolves, T’Challa trails Sombre to a settlement of White Gorillas, the animals worshipped in Wakanda’s other major religion. CLICK HERE  

NINE: THERE ARE SERPENTS LURKING IN PARADISE – The Black Panther clashes with Sombre and Killmonger in Serpent Valley, the hidden realm where dinosaurs from Earth’s distant past still exist. CLICK HERE  

TEN: THORNS IN THE FLESH, THORNS IN THE MIND – T’Challa follows Killmonger and his army’s captive dinosaurs through the Forest of Thorns, where he must battle Erik’s newest super-powered disciple – Salamander K’Ruel. CLICK HERE

ELEVEN: … AND ALL OUR PAST DECADES HAVE SEEN REVOLUTIONS – Venomm escapes from Wakanda City, prompting the returned Black Panther to track him down for a battle in the ruins of Killmonger’s former rebel capital. CLICK HERE

TWELVE: OF SHADOWS AND RAGES – In this climactic chapter of Panther’s Rage, Killmonger launches all of his remaining forces against Wakanda City, setting up the showdown between himself and the Black Panther. CLICK HERE

THIRTEEN: AFTERMATH: A STUDY IN ASHES AND RUIN – This epilogue chapter of Panther’s Rage is set 2 months after the previous chapter’s climactic battle. The Black Panther and W’Kabi deal with Madame Slay, Killmonger’s heretofore unknown lover, who is committing revenge killings for the fallen rebel leader. CLICK HERE

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