Moona Lisa with skullThank you to reader Peahix for letting me know about this. Moona Lisa aka Lisa Clark, one of the many Movie Hosts that Balladeer’s Blog has covered over the years, has often lacked the acclaim she deserves because of the scarcity of footage that still exists from her shows (Science Fiction Theater, Moona’s Midnight Madness, etc).

Long-time readers of Balladeer’s Blog will remember when I first contacted her years ago and many of you were very nice with your concern about her health issues. For newbies Moona Lisa’s hosting shtick was that she was a Moon Maiden who lived in her own private moonbase with a view of planet Earth outside her window.

Moona Lisa in stairwellShe would host bad and campy movies while vamping it up and offering wry commentary on the “so bad they’re good” flicks she would present. She had a 12-year run from the 1960s into the 1970s, putting her nicely in the middle between the reigns of Vampira and Elvira.

NOTE: THIS FOOTAGE IS IN U-MATIC VIDEO FORMAT TAPED ON A U-MATIC MACHINE. Those recorders were used from the late 1960s onward for several years. (Think of the one used in the William Shatner episode of Columbo.) The footage will need converted.

Moona Lisa posingI am tempted to buy it but as many of you know that would mean the footage would never get posted online. I can’t stand the thought of ever dealing with YouTube or similar sites because of their arbitrary way of frequently taking down videos over real or imaginary copyright issues.

Point being that if I buy the footage and convert it I will review it, but I won’t post it anywhere online. So, for those of you annoyed at the way I don’t post my episodes of The Texas 27 Film Vault or some of my obscure versions of A Christmas Carol here is your chance to get this footage or recommend it to someone you know who DOES have a YouTube channel.    

For more info see below. This Moona Lisa footage is being sold at this link:


NOTE: Someone else DID buy the footage, so for those of you who are wondering, it may well show up online some day. I don’t know who bought it, but it was not me in this case.  



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  2. Roseanne

    Moona Lisa seems classier than Elvira.

  3. Rabid Ryan

    Moona Lisa is so underappreciated its criminal!

  4. Stoomie

    So did you buy it or did someone else buy it?

  5. Morgan Tisdale

    Was it you who got the footage or someone else?

  6. Underwhelmed

    And because you refused to buy it, the person who did has hidden it away. Thank you very little. Because with you, at least there would’ve been a chance YT might’ve kept it online. So, your argument is tiny compared to the selfish person who bought it and buried it. SMH.

    • Well, I didn’t refuse to buy it, I just allowed time for someone to beat me to it if they wanted to, since they might possibly be someone who wanted to put it up online. I would have bought it if it went unclaimed much longer.

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