Balladeer’s Blog’s End of Year Retrospective Continues with this look at The Best of March.

Anni on ShariaANNI CYRUS, IRANIAN-BORN CRITIC OF SHARIA LAW – Another member of the real-life League of Extraordinary Women, Anni Cyrus was in the news again, this time for her 2018 Anti-Sharia Law Tour.

As ever, the courageous Cyrus had to endure all manner of threats from reactionary Muslim fascists AND from privileged white women who pretend they’re “heroic” by engaging in childish Handmaid’s Tale cos-play. Meanwhile the Democrats on college campuses worked to block TRULY heroic Anni Cyrus’ talks by claiming she promotes “Islamophobia” or by saying they couldn’t guarantee her safety from mobs of fascist Democrats. CLICK HERE

Jet Benny ShowTHE JET BENNY SHOW – Balladeer’s Blog’s reviews of bad and weird movies are still very popular.

This one addressed The Jet Benny Show, a bizarre attempt at comedy which fused Star Wars with The Jack Benny Show. The result was horrendous in all kinds of ways. CLICK HERE 

Shotgun ZieglerNON-DILLINGER: QUICK TAKES ON OTHER GANGSTERS OF HIS ERA – In keeping with Balladeer’s Blog’s tradition of examining topics which slip through the cultural cracks this blog post looked at some of the 1930s gangsters overshadowed by John Dillinger’s legend.

Figures like Two-Gun Crowley, Jelly Nash, the Tri-State Terror and others are featured in this item from March. CLICK HERE 

Ratings GameTHE RATINGS GAME – I reviewed this overlooked comedy from 1984.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman starred in this hilarious sendup of the perpetually flawed television ratings process which enables some truly absurd programs to thrive while more thoughtful efforts get quick cancellations. CLICK HERE 

Sharyl AttkissonJOURNALIST SHARYL ATTKISSON’S COURAGEOUS EXPOSURE OF OBAMA’S COUNTLESS SCANDALS AND CRIMES – Strong female role model and 21st Century Ida Tarbell, Sharyl Attkisson refused to be intimidated by the Obama Administration’s thugs.

Even now she continues her heroic exposure of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama. CLICK HERE

Jimmy Kimmell fat pigJIMMY KIMMEL: THE BALLADEER’S BLOG INTERVIEW – Relentlessly unfunny waste of biomass Jimmy Kimmel is a truly disgusting human being.

Jimmy gets the kind of unfair treatment he gutlessly dishes out on his show, where he controls the final broadcast product and rigs it to make himself look like he actually knows what he’s talking about. CLICK HERE 



OBAMA’S PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAIT – The controversy surrounding the decapitation porn artist that weak, inept and crooked little Barack Obama had paint his presidential portrait got covered in this blog post.

The timing of this portrait’s unveiling was cosmically bad.

It came out in the middle of revelations about previously covered-up details of Obama’s horrific Iran Deal AND the way he permitted a drug ring run from the middle east to thrive on our southern border to avoid embarrassing reactionary Muslim fascists. CLICK HERE   


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  1. Billy K

    I like the way you do these end of year looks back.

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