mascot new look donkey and elephant headsAs the hysteria, fascism and intolerance of the Democrats continues to drive away more and more of us former party members, their Brain Trust has decided that the most recent reaction to their derangement – the #Walkaway Movement – is really being caused by RUSSIANS! Yes, really! Apparently there’s NOTHING those rascally Russians can’t do! 

Anyway, here are some more samples and excerpts from my fellow Russian Agents former Democrats about why they decided to Walk Away. (Just do a search for them if you want to read and watch your own examples.)

One person, a Memphis woman, introduced her young nephew, a St. Jude Hospital cancer survivor. She had tweeted a thank-you to Eric Trump for the Trumps’ $16 million contribution to the charity, and she’s furious at the orgy of Twitter attacks from crazed Trump-haters that she’s endured just for for thanking the Trumps.   (Let’s face it: Twitter and Facebook are nothing but “The Confirmation Bias Community”) 

Another is a gay man who says that when he “came out” as a Trump supporter he was “called a Nazi, a self-hating fag …the gays and liberals have been ruthless towards me. I was never treated this way coming out of the closet as gay … I am so happy to see so many people bravely standing up now…. now I don’t feel so alone either.” 

#WalkAwayA woman who describes herself as liberal and is married to a man who became a Trump voter: She says, “I was horrified that our friends now say I married a racist, homophobic, misogynist, horrible man. My Facebook page is just cancer, people hating on each other. I won’t be voting for a party that accuses everybody of being racist.”   (Facebook Fascists are the most narrow-minded people alive.)

African-American Brandon Tatum has a great video (CLICK HERE ) called Democrats Hate Black People in which he relates how shocked he was when he learned that the Democrats started the KKK, not the Republicans.

Among his other remarks about how the Democrats thrive on spreading hatred and division:

“They’re picking illegals over black people because they want the next voting bloc, and that’s illegals. They don’t care about you and your families. They want a population of ignorant people they can control. What did Barack Obama do for black people? Nothing…I really wish people would wake up. I got my MAGA hat on and I wear it because I’m a person with a brain and I’ve decided to walk away and be independent as a thinker.” 

And, as columnist Joy Overbeck reported of #Walkaway members – “They’ve seen regular people wearing Make America Great Again hats getting beat up and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen driven rudely from restaurants by crazed screeching Trump-haters.

“They’ve watched the media lie about Trump and attack his pro-American policies that are improving their lives. They’ve seen the president called a racist, a misogynist, and a Russian bot with no evidence except a “dossier” of fake accusations by unnamed accusers, paid for and promoted by the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. They’ve watched San Francisco millionaire Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi mock the Trump tax cuts that are actually fattening their paychecks and giving their families better lives.

“And lately they’ve seen an elected representative of the people of California, Democrat Maxine Waters, inciting violence and urging people to hunt down Trump administration staff and flash mob them so they aren’t safe in restaurants, shopping malls, anywhere. The Democrat party faithful that became #walkaway watched all this and said WHOA! The Republicans aren’t the intolerant mob – the Democrats are. The Republicans aren’t the haters – the Democrats are.” 

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