Mascot with demo and repub headsWhile “Murky” Mueller and his Funky Bunch of Hillary donors continue to prove what a joke their “investigation” is, Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at more Trump Cards. 

But by the way, don’t you love how the new motto of the FBI (Fuggedda Bout Integrity) is “First we COMMIT the crimes, then we INVESTIGATE the crimes, and if you slip us enough incentive sometimes we’ll agree to SOLVE those crimes!”

Michelle Obama*** Anyway, our de facto Third Party President Donald Trump nicely overturned another idiotic policy from Michelle Obama by restoring the choice of chocolate milk for children at schools. It’s a small thing but the fact that that hopelessly embittered woman tried keeping chocolate milk from kids is so typical.

Thankfully now we have a sophisticated First Lady like Melania Trump who SPEAKS MORE LANGUAGES THAN BOTH OBAMAS COMBINED. 

Keith Olbermann*** As expected the Supreme Court AGAIN upheld President Trump’s travel restrictions. I only point this out because the hilariously uninformed people who hate Trump have such short attention spans they always celebrate the pointless challenges as if those ungrounded challenges “prove” Trump did something wrong. 

Elizabeth Warren interns*** A Think Progress Op-Ed recently blasted Faux-cahontas aka PRIVILEGED WHITE WOMAN SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN, who deceptively exploited minority set-asides by pretending to be 1-32nd Cherokee. The Tribe Warren claimed descent from REJECTED that claim long ago which is why President Trump delights in calling the repulsive Warren “Pocahontas.”

Deranged Trump-haters always feign outrage over that but conveniently overlook Warren’s offense, which denied academic employment to deserving minority women. Anyway, the Op-Ed is titled I AM A CHEROKEE WOMAN – ELIZABETH WARREN IS NOT, if you’re interested.

*** Steve Bannon, one of the figures crucial to President Trump’s successful campaign last year, is headlining a fundraiser for black and minority entrepreneurs. People who live in the past will probably still go on pretending that the Democrats are the official party of minority groups like they largely were FIVE DECADES AGO.

*** The House of Representatives recently voted 364-58 AGAINST impeaching President Trump. I know this will be an ongoing bit of theatrics but a large part of the blame rests on Republican Newt Gingrich who insisted on misusing the impeachment option against President Bill Clinton in the 90s. 

By the way, for those wondering, I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative, I’m a Populist. Want proof? CLICK HERE 

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10 responses to “TRUMP CARDS II

  1. I think President Trump will be remembered as one of the greats.

  2. Regina

    Trump may be your best president ever!

  3. Fred

    Love it! MAGA!

  4. Trump has really impressed me!

  5. Noelia


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