Comey cartoonIt’s so cute when Democrats pretend they actually care about healthcare for the poor and the working class and about governmental integrity. It’s as much fun as watching a bad movie to watch the DemoKKKrats’ phony outrage over getting rid of the disaster called Obamacare (As I mentioned a few days ago the hypocritical Democrats never cared about the poor people suffering and dying under Obamacare).  

Even more hilarious is the ridiculous back and forth the Democrats keep going through over former FBI Director Jim Comey. The inimitable Mark Steyn ridiculed DemCorp’s hypocrisy masterfully:

“Comey’s not going to charge Hillary? What a stand-up guy! The very model of a dedicated public servant!

“Comey’s re-opened the Hillary investigation? What a partisan hack! He’s just thrown the election to Trump! This is literally a police state!

“Comey’s investigating Trump’s ties to Russia? Thank God! This career civil servant is all that stands between us and that fascist dictator!

“Comey’s fingering Huma Abedin for forwarding emails to Carlos Danger? God, this Trump stooge won’t let up, will he?

“Trump’s fired Comey? How dare he? This is a crisis for the integrity of our institutions…

“Not surprisingly it’s hard for these poor folk to keep up – to the point where Stephen Colbert had to rebuke his audience for cheering his announcement that Comey had been fired. ” (Click the link.)

That last part’s not a joke, by the way. The relentlessly unfunny Colbert was visibly upset that his audience of stooges thought that – since the Democrats have been blaming Comey for Hillary’s loss – they should cheer his firing! They forgot that the increasingly insane American Left MUST interpret every move President Trump makes as if it qualifies as an impeachable offense.

You can’t make this stuff up! Trump is so good at playing the Establishment’s Outrage Machine like a violin he should REHIRE Comey tomorrow just for laughs.


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  1. Saved as a favorite! Too few people stick up for President Trump.

  2. The anti-Trump people are liars and fanatics.

  3. I was a life long democrat but no more. They are as bad as the republicans now.

  4. I’m glad you can still laugh about it. I think Trump haters are getting to be dangerously violent.

  5. Jessica

    Trump haters are such psychopaths.

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