Here at Balladeer’s Blog I like to save up my lists about highlights of the year until after the year is officially completed. Here’s a look at the most truly irreverent and iconoclastic pieces of work from the year just past. The number one entry will shock you.

Would ALEC BALDWIN find the plot of this movie a little too close to reality?

Would ALEC BALDWIN find the plot of this movie a little too close to reality?

5. THE WORLD’S A STAGE – Yes, I know this film was not the most daring of things, but that’s why it’s in last place on the list. The World’s A Stage still went where other movies fail to go in this age of celebrity worship. Actors in a popular political drama let their roles go to their heads and begin putting on airs as if they are as authoritative as the characters they play.

The foolish voters actually think the actors and actresses must have real gravitas and elect them to high office with hilariously disastrous results.   The idiocy of taking shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable celebrities seriously when it comes to complex real-world issues is magnificently lampooned in this comedy. Think Aristophanes or Eupolis but in a 21st Century setting. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

Village Idiot Ben Affleck

Village Idiot Ben Affleck

4. AGENTS OF I.S.L.A.M. – This television series was like the flip side of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The title organization, I.S.L.A.M. (Intolerant Savages Loathing All Modernity) were violent practitioners of a blood-soaked religion which was never named on the show. Various fan theories developed over what religion was being criticized by the program. Ben Affleck insisted it must be Christianity, which he described as “deadlier than the Bubonic Plague”.

The television series depicted agents of I.S.L.A.M. roaming the world and beheading people, mutilating the genitals of women, slitting the throats of infants and countless other acts of random violence against innocent human beings. This was the must-see show of 2014 but the creative team behind the program better stop being so coy in 2015 and finally reveal what religion the show is referring to. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE: 

M*E*T*A*L as The Badlands Beauty

M*E*T*A*L as The Badlands Beauty

3. THE BADLANDS BEAUTY – Supermodel M*E*T*A*L (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) starred in this action extravaganza that combined the best elements of the Fast and Furious movies with those of Die Hard and the El Mariachi films.

The breath-taking beauty best known for modeling as Edward Wozniak’s Neo-Pulp superheroine the Matriarch authoritatively established her action flick credentials here. The violence was so over the top the movie was banned in many areas of the world, but audiences who got to see The Badlands Beauty loved seeing M*E*T*A*L shooting down and kicking the butts of the thugs of the Mexican drug cartels. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

Artist's rendering

Artist’s rendering

2. TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GOLEM – The second and final season of this supernatural series continued to depict the Golem’s battle with the blood-soaked savages of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram  and countless other affiliated Muslim outfits.

Things reached a thoroughly enjoyable climax in the final episode, in which it was revealed that Muhammad was an ancient alien, an insane criminal one at that. The maniacal child-rapist had returned to Earth to protect his followers from the Golem but in the end the authorities from his own home planet caught up with him and took him back with them for imprisonment. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE: 

1. FUNKY FERGUSON – This late December release just barely snuck in under the deadline but it’s definitely the year’s best. Funky Ferguson is the title character of this very dark satire which uses the style and structure of 1970’s blaxploitation films to comment on the horrific events in Ferguson, MO.

The events that spawned the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie are depicted in disjointed and irreverent ways. The main character Funky Ferguson is in the mold of figures like the Black Baron from The Candy Tangerine Man. The Funky One keeps the streets safe for criminal elements and prevents law-abiding African-American business owners from fighting back against the thugs.

Funky Ferguson’s many triumphs over The Man mean nothing but hardship and personal tragedy for other African-Americans, who watch their children being killed by African-American criminals on a regular basis. Funky cares nothing for them or the “crapitalist” (as he calls them) business owners.

Gradually all of the promising young African-American children in Funky Ferguson’s hood wind up getting preyed upon and eventually killed by the brainless, violent black thugs who are the only kids worth caring about in the eyes of Funky Ferguson, the politicians and the media.  

An entire generation of creative and hopeful African-American children come and go, slain by street gangs like the film’s Gentle Giants, unmourned by a world that cares only for the plight of the sadistic criminals who killed them. Only those criminals are elevated and considered “heroic” by the demagogues of “the African- American community”. Funky Ferguson will move you and disturb you in all kinds of ways.



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  1. How you find some of these is both bewildering and inspirational Ed.

  2. Thank you very much, Jo!

  3. THe one about Agents of I.S.L.A.M. is my favorite of these!

  4. Funky Ferguson needs to be made by somebody.

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