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With the calendar year 2013 firmly in the books Balladeer’s Blog takes this opportunity to examine the six most controversial indy flicks from the preceding twelve months.

The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women's rights.

The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women’s rights.

THE BURQA –  This movie far and away deserves the top spot. The Burqa boasts the most explosive premise of any of the films on this list and plays like a combination of Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi trilogy, Spaghetti Westerns and post-apocalypse actioners like The Road Warrior. The main character is a mysterious gun-wielding Muslim woman who calls herself the Burqa for the garment that Muslim fundamentalists insist women wear. The cloaked heroine travels battle-scarred Iraq blowing away Islamists who oppress women physically or intellectually. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE: https://glitternight.com/2013/05/08/movie-review-the-burqa-2013/

Mascot with demo and repub headsTO THE FOURTH POWER – A mock documentary that deals with the way in which the Democratic and Republican Parties have become little more than rival gangs of white collar criminals whose elected officals represent their party’s interests and not the interests of the people who elected them. The mockumentary starts with fictional depictions of Continue reading


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Golem (artist's rendering)

Golem (artist’s rendering)

The first episode of the hot new cable series Twenty-First Century Golem premiered last night. For the uninitiated the Golem is a clay monster from Jewish folklore created by a Rabbi to protect the Jewish people from their oppressors. Most Golem stories are set hundreds of years ago but this new show, from the director of the hit action movie The Burqa, is set here in the year 2013.

This Golem is created in Israel to protect Israeli civilians from mad dog Hamas terrorists. The Hamas butchers are targeting Israeli children and gleefully whooping as their fragile young bodies are blown to bloody pieces. The Golem wades into their Continue reading


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