With the calendar year 2013 firmly in the books Balladeer’s Blog takes this opportunity to examine the six most controversial indy flicks from the preceding twelve months.

The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women's rights.

The Burqa: A heroic woman fighting Muslim Apartheid and defending women’s rights.

THE BURQA –  This movie far and away deserves the top spot. The Burqa boasts the most explosive premise of any of the films on this list and plays like a combination of Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi trilogy, Spaghetti Westerns and post-apocalypse actioners like The Road Warrior. The main character is a mysterious gun-wielding Muslim woman who calls herself the Burqa for the garment that Muslim fundamentalists insist women wear. The cloaked heroine travels battle-scarred Iraq blowing away Islamists who oppress women physically or intellectually. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

Mascot with demo and repub headsTO THE FOURTH POWER – A mock documentary that deals with the way in which the Democratic and Republican Parties have become little more than rival gangs of white collar criminals whose elected officals represent their party’s interests and not the interests of the people who elected them. The mockumentary starts with fictional depictions of Fourth of July celebrations that feature the burning and shooting of images representing the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant. From there the celebrations intensify to include the shooting and burning of pictures and statues of prominent figures from the Democratic and Republican Parties, sarcastically called “the Royal Houses” in the film. The government enacts increasingly oppressive measures to stamp out such celebrations on the date marking the nation’s independence, with tragic results. FOR MY FULL-LENGTH REVIEW CLICK HERE:

THINGS AREN’T WHAT THEY SEEM – A Liberal college professor finds her hatred of all Christian Conservatives to be ill-founded when she winds up interacting with her new neighbors from Kansas. By movie’s end she has abandoned her condescending attitude toward them and has resolved to relate to all human beings as individuals instead of as simplistic stereotypes. FOR A LONGER REVIEW CLICK HERE:

Thomas JeffersonZOMBIES OF MONTICELLO – Learn the REAL cause of Thomas Jefferson’s death on July 4th, 1826! On the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence the zombified corpses of all of Jefferson’s dead slaves rise from their graves and besiege him and his extended family in the Jefferson mansion at Monticello! The pompous hypocrite who penned noble words about freedom and equality while OWNING other human beings tries everything to wipe out the undead legions pressing in on all sides. SPOILER: In the end Jefferson gets torn limb from limb by the walking cadavers and winds up in Hell serving as a slave on Satan’s plantation for all eternity!  FOR MORE:

KEEPER OF THE FLAME – In this remake of the Tracy/Hepburn classic a naive college student who has been taught to idolize Che Guevarra becomes disillusioned when his research reveals that the man was really a fanatical totalitarian. The student realizes the overrated Che was not a freedom fighter but a would-be dictator and murderous homophobe who wanted to overthrow dictatorships ONLY so he could impose dictatorships more to his liking. He chronicles the way in which the myths about Che are as ridiculous as the story about George Washington and the cherry tree. Naturally he clashes with his liberal professors whose minds are trapped in the 1960’s. FOR MORE:  

WHACK BARACK – The 22nd Century descendants of Bill and Hillary Clinton create a time machine and come back in time to kill Barack Obama during the presidential primaries of 2008 in order to allow Hillary to become president and therefore save the nation and the world from the ugly disaster of Obama’s two terms in office. FOR THE FULL-LENGTH REVIEW FEATURING THE GHOST OF FREDERICK DOUGLAS click here:


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  1. What a fantastic article! You had me going for awhile! I would love to see people have the guts to make these movies.

  2. It would be nice if somebody had the bravery to actually make these films.

  3. The Burqa is the most awesome of them all!

  4. The Burqa and Things aren’t what they seem should be real movies.

  5. Dana

    hah a nice article! Enjoyed that. I think one day we’ll see smth like that. Probably. Among real ones what do you think about the new one The Neon Demon ( )? That freaked me out!

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