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Trump soleimani and pelosiHonorary Democrat Qassem Soleimani was eulogized by America’s increasingly deranged Democrats over these past few days. WE NEED THIRD PARTIES. Join so many of us former members of that political party and #WALKAWAY from that fascist organization. 

#WalkAwaySome of that animal’s atrocities which have endeared him to America’s Democrats: assassinations, bombings, targeting civilians and other war crimes like EFPs, plus crushing the student demonstrations in Iran. (America’s Democrats feel only students who agree with them have the right to hold demonstrations.) 

Soleimani killingHey, Democrats, any time you want to consider rejoining the human race and recovering your sanity, bear in mind that you do not have to canonize garbage like Soleimani purely out of spite. Continue reading


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