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sasha stoneIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents another former Democrat whose take on the way that political party has become intolerant and fascistic greatly resembles mine from years ago when I left “The Party”.

Sasha Stone, on Free Speech platform Substack, recently detailed her disillusionment with the Democrats and disgust with Joe Biden AND the forever-tainted 2020 presidential election. In addition, Stone also addressed career criminal Joe Biden’s recent bout with projection when he accused his regime’s critics of “semi-fascism.” 

Sasha titled an episode of her podcast “The Semi-Fascists Are Coming from Inside the House.” (For overseas readers, that’s a play on the well-worn “The calls are coming from inside the house” meme.) You can read the text or listen to it HERE. A great line from Stone is “The side that purges dissent, demands ideological compliance, and dehumanizes the opposition isn’t the side that believes in Democracy.”

#WalkAwayAnother great take from Sasha addresses the notoriously corrupt 2020 presidential election, which has joined the 1876 and year 2000 elections on the scrap heap of political outrages which installed the likely loser of the race in the White House:

“The 2020 election was even further proof, at least to me, that the Democrats had now become corrupt, that they had way too much power and wealth such that we might never have a free and fair election again. They spent $1 billion, the most expensive election in history to elect Joe Biden.

sasha stone pic“They changed voting laws to close the enthusiasm gap they battle with in every election and simply collect votes from voters who weren’t motivated to go to the polls themselves. They took complete control of nearly every major institution just to stop Trump… ”

And there is this terrific item in which Stone details how she finally reached the point that so many of us reached long ago with the hatemongering, criminal Democrats. You can read it HERE

Sasha has joined us in choosing to #WALKAWAY from that increasingly unhinged party. You can subscribe to her YouTube Channel HERE. Below is a sample of one of her videos.
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