Brianna Wright: Poet, swimmer and dramatic performer on Youtube

Brianna Wright: Poet, swimmer and dramatic performer on Youtube

Brianna Wright is a very talented and lovely young lady from the U.K. She is an inventive writer and gifted poet who has a wonderful way of giving dramatic readings of her own work on her Youtube channel. This teen of many gifts is also an excellent swimmer and is home-schooled by her parents. Brianna’s family’s dog George the Whippet was a big hit here at Balladeer’s Blog a few years back so I was thrilled to get this interview with his intriguing owner. Read on for Brianna’s blog and Youtube information. 

BALLADEER’S BLOG: Who are your favorite poets?  

BRIANNA WRIGHT: Walt Whitman, Lewis Carroll but I also read a lot of contemporary poetry.

BB: Are you still interested in operas?

BW: Yes, I am still interested in operas although I am no longer aiming to have a career as an opera singer.

BB: Which operas stand out for you?

BW: The Barber of Seville by Rossini, The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, Madame Butterfly by Puccini.

BB: No Thea Musgrave? Interesting. How do you go about composing your poetry?

BW: I find a theme that I feel inspired by and just write. Almost every draft I come up with needs a bit of editing, but writing things down as they come to my mind channels my creativity.

BB: Do you feel that your Youtube performances of your poems are work or is the performance aspect even more fun than the writing?

BW: I enjoy both writing and performing my poems and I don’t regard either of these activities as work.

BB: To get gratuitously weird for a moment if you were a superheroine what would your name be?

BW: If I were a superheroine, my name would be Flash, because I would move like a flash of lightning!

BB: If you were a Wild West gunslinger what would your nickname be?

BW: If I were a Wild West gunslinger my nickname would be Water Lily (not very Wild West!).

BB: Well, it could be a name given you by your Native American friends. Do you plan to dabble in dramatic poetry like T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral or ancient Greek tragedies or other verse forms for the stage?

BW: I am thinking of trying my hand at other types of poetry for the stage over the next few years, as my studies of literature progress.

BB: Have you ever considered the podcast format for your poetry?

BW: Not really, but I think that it’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion.

BB: You’re welcome. Do you consider Epic Poetry to be a truly dead artform?

BW: No, I have only read fragments of Epic Poetry so far, but I found them interesting and captivating. Therefore I think that there is a place for Epic Poetry in the world.

BB: Your dog George the Whippet has plenty of fans around the world. Could you give his adoring public an update on his activities?

BW: George is five years old now, and has matured into a gorgeous boy. He is my best friend and is still at the centre of our family life. He still likes his fluffy comfort and is sleeping in his fleecy bed, near the radiator next to my desk right now. We love sharing music together and he listens to me reading my creations out loud. Sometimes George just sits around thinking and waiting to be fed.

BB: Coincidentally enough, that’s also how Stephen Hawking spends his time so George is in some very distinguished company. But, moving back to you, what do you hope the title of your biography might be if it is written 40 years from now?

BW: Let me explain. Apart from writing, I am also very involved in swimming and am currently a member of the competitive squads in my city, Coventry. Therefore, I would one day like to become famous either for my swimming, or my writing (although being famous for both would be great!). The title of my biography would reflect my achievements in these areas. It would probably be called something like: Water and Words.

BB: Nice. When I was 12 years old I tried writing a poetic adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Do you have any works that you’ve started but decided to abandon?

BW: Of course, I think that all writers have works that they decide to abandon, at least for a while. I started a story called Billy Barnes about a teenager who had magical powers and whisked me away to a different land where the living were the dead, and the dead were the living. I didn’t finish it, although I would like to re-visit it in the near future.

BB: This being Balladeer’s Blog I have to ask: What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

BW: I don’t watch many movies, but the worst one that I’ve seen is probably Coraline. I don’t know if it’s meant to be a horror film, but I hated it and couldn’t sleep for a month afterwards. The mention of buttons made my skin crawl!

BB: That’s an odd coincidence because the mention of the name of the hack comedian Red Buttons makes my skin crawl. What kind of story would Gentleman George write about you and your family?

BW: I’d like to think that he’d write a happy story about love, walks, hugs, play and lots of food!

BB: And they say “it’s a dog’s life”. Do you have a favorite mythological pantheon? Or any other tidbits of personal information you’d like to share?

BW: At the moment, my absolute favourite mythological pantheon is the Greek one but I’m planning to explore the mythology of other cultures as well. As for other info: I have been home schooled for the past year, which has allowed me to pursue my interests in greater depth. Therefore, I started my own blog and, more recently, my own YouTube channel on which I can share my literary creations with a wider audience. 


Thank you very much to Brianna, a true Renaissance Woman that I’m sure the world will be hearing a lot from! If you’re looking for Ms Wright (rimshot) you can follow her blog at:

Or her Youtube channel at: 

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