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Maajid NawazAmerica’s Democrats took time out from telling us that U.S. troops “are the REAL terrorists” to pretend they care about what may happen to American troops in the field after the slaying of atrocity-master Qassem Soleimani. Islamic expert Maajid Nawaz weighed in on social media and elsewhere with his 10 tips on what to look for in anti-western demagogues “who know nothing about the Middle East but will now talk as if they do:

“1) before yesterday they’d never heard of & still struggle to remember what his first name was   

2) they’ll proactively and without invitation, condemn “America in the region” without saying anything at all about “Iran in the region”, thinking this wins them brownie points from brown people from the region. It doesn’t.

3) at some stage, they’ll either accidentally tweet out or otherwise approve of official Iranian state propaganda & voices sent by the theocratic regime, without realising, it because they have absolutely *no idea* how to recognise Iranian proxy propaganda voices (NOTE FROM BALLADEER: Like the way the Democrats at the New York Times and various cable networks have accepted damning claims at face value.)

4) their narcissistic obsession with hating Trump (even at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dead Arab civilians, and the medieval theocratic oppression of millions of Iranians) will be what really guides their “analysis” not what’s objectively happening on the ground Continue reading


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