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Democrats upside down*** JEFFREY EPSTEIN IS BACK IN THE NEWS, WITH HIS “LOLITA EXPRESS” OF UNDERAGED SEX TRAFFICKING IN DANGER OF TAKING DOWN MULTIPLE DEMOCRATS WITH IT, PER  – NANCY PELOSI’S OWN DAUGHTER – who tweeted a warning about this scandal potentially taking down many people admired by Democrats. 

*** SENTENCING COMING FOR CRIMINAL AIDE OF DEMOCRAT SENATOR MAGGIE HASSAN AND DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE SHEILA JACKSON LEE. That former aide – Jackson Cosko – pleaded guilty to crimes related to the ranksacking of a Senate office, extorting a Senator, doxing Republicans and blackmailing a witness.

Cosko’s father is even tied to top California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. For the full story on this, just one of many ugly Democrat Party scandals, Continue reading


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