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The old saying “Those who CAN – do. Those who CAN’T – teach” is especially relevant given how Left-Wing Archie Bunkers from the 1960s generation distorted America’s educational system. The saying could be modified as “Those who CAN function in the real world and accept the fact that other adults are free to hold whatever opinions they like – DO. Those who CAN’T function in the real world and accept the fact that other adults are free to hold whatever opinions they like – TEACH.”

Well, okay, they don’t “teach” in any real sense of that word. They simply abuse their authority over students to brow-beat them into agreeing with their own political views. Part of this can be blamed on the lack of action taken by the political right.

Trust me, if high schools, colleges and universities ever get to the point where the teachers and administrative staff are roughly 90% or more Republicans instead of the current situation where they are roughly 90% or more Democrats, the political Left in America would have taken action LONG AGO!

Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit would have been launched at the merest HINT of political bias in the curriculum. Terms like “viewpoint discrimination” or “viewpoint harassment” would already be cemented into law. Also, “Viewpoint Diversity Directors” would have been the Left’s latest job-scam and would occupy six-figure per year positions at schools. And the Left would have sold Democrat office-holders on the belief that educational institutions should be open for lawsuits if there is ever any sizable imbalance of political party affiliation in the faculty and administration members.  

Left-Wing Archie Bunkers would more than deserve it if things get to the point where the political Right uses their own vile tactics against them and makes it so that all reviews for grant money or such have to be subjected for approval to Viewpoint Diversity officials to make sure American Liberals aren’t letting their many, MANY political prejudices influence who gets research funds and who doesn’t. Hilarious. I would still OPPOSE it, but it would be well-deserved karmic justice. Continue reading


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Balladeer’s Blog

Here at Balladeer’s Blog I criticize both American Liberals and American Conservatives. At this particular point in history the Liberals are so self-infatuated and are so pompous they are even MORE fun to ridicule than Christian Conservatives used to be. 

I’ve been getting bombarded with emails from Liberals expressing their usual outrage when other people don’t praise them the way they praise themselves constantly. The cause for this most recent storm was my examination of how Aristophanes’ comedy The Birds could be adapted to fit the present day. Does it deserve THIS much outrage? TO JUDGE FOR YOURSELF CLICK HERE