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Imran and schultz and hillaryHere at Balladeer’s Blog I am still relishing the way that the bought and paid for Democrats and Republicans continue trying to act like everything is fine as the fundamentally corrupt nature of our government’s “Swamp” is laid bare.

Even people who hate our de facto Third Party President Donald Trump can get into the dark comedy being played out now that an outsider is in the White House. No matter how much Anti-Trump passion you feel, you can still comment on the current craziness like so:

POSE ONE: “I cannot abide that uncouth lout Trump but the actions of his enemies in both parties has laid bare what a cesspool of corruption the Democrats and Republicans have created.”

POSE TWO: “As much as I can’t stand Donald Trump he’s looking almost honest compared to the Democrats and Republicans in Congress.”

POSE THREE (Recommended for Europeans in particular): “The Americans should be embarrassed that Donald Trump of all people is emerging as the most honest figure in their make-believe representative democracy.”

There you go! All the snarkiness you love but without the embarrassment of siding with the career criminals called Democrats and Republicans!

In any event, here is a terrific list of questions now needing answered about the whole Imran Awan/ Democratic National Committee/ Debbie Wasserman Schultz affair: (link below)

1. Who coordinated the hiring of the Awan brothers by dozens of Democratic Congressman?

2. Why were they so grossly overcompensated (millions of dollars) for no work?
3. Were they kicking back money to the Democrats, doing “dirty” work for them, or blackmailing them?
4. Why did Wasserman-Schultz keep the Capitol Police from searching her laptop they had confiscated from Imran Awan?
5. Why did Wasserman-Schultz keep him on her payroll after the Capitol Police further barred him and his brothers from accessing Congressional computers?
6. Why did the Iraqi fugitive and Hizb’allah supporter Dr. Ali-al Attar “lend” them $100,000?
7. Who is paying Chris Gowan, a Clinton insider, to represent Imran Awan?
8. Why did the Awan brothers continue to have security clearances when they had declared several bankruptcies and were engaged in financial misdealing?
9. Why were the Awans broke when they were making so much money and living so modestly?
10. Why did eight members of the House Permanent Select committee on Intelligence issue a letter demanding the Awans be granted access to Top Secret information?
11.Were the Awans working for Pakistani intelligence and the Moslem Brotherhood?
12. To whom were the Awans sending data to on an offsite server?

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Imran Awan cnnReal DEMOCRAT scandals continue to be ignored. Meanwhile, Trump-haters continue pursuing their hilarious conspiracy theories regarding United States President Donald Trump and the Russians … or old real estate deals … or any other absurd notion that Mueller and his staff of Hillary Clinton donors come up with.

(My Russian paymasters anonymous sources tell me that the Democrats will try to tie Trump to the disappearance of Judge Crater AND the Brinks Armored Car Robbery next.)

Fake news continues to flow like booze at a Hillary luncheon in the meantime. By the way, I LOVED the way Poland’s head of state openly put the deranged American media in their place over their FAKE NEWS that his wife had supposedly snubbed Trump during his visit. He made it clear THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. If anyone still takes CNN or Fox seriously they are very, very confused people.

Imran and D W SchultzAnyway, Imran Awan was arrested trying to flee the country a few days ago. Awan’s ties to the Democratic National Committee and especially to the disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz have been getting explored – largely overseas – by REAL  journalists.  

Look this story up wherever you want to on the web. Imran Awan and the DNC might make a reasonable person conclude that the Democrat panic about the Trump win over Hillary was really all about all of these Democrat scandals coming to light.

Read the stories and you’ll see even the weak, inept and crooked little man Barack Obama comes across as even more pathetic than he usually does. If Obama worshipers or equally irrational Trump haters feel otherwise, I’m always open to conversation. Continue reading


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