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Hillary Clinton kenyan remark

A little humorous reminder that Hillary was the FIRST nutty “birther” when she claimed Obama might be Kenyan when she ran against him in 2008.

Recently Barack Obama and I set aside our differences because we just found out both our mothers happened to be named Martha. Now if THAT can’t bring people together I don’t know what else could. (I know, right.)

Anyway, Obama agreed to put some current events into context in this EXCLUSIVE one-on-one with Balladeer’s Blog.

BALLADEER’s BLOG: Just today even MORE bombshells from Clinton’s emails showing Hillary running a “pay for play” scam in which convenient “contributions” laundered through the criminal Clinton Foundation would earn donors official positions, either in the near future or in a future Hillary Administration. What is your take on that?

Hillary Clinton supporters

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OBAMA: Well, as you’re fond of pointing out, I myself emerged from the cesspool of Chicago politics so I’m no stranger to graft and corruption on a large scale but DAMN! This bitch just couldn’t control her greed and was so damn blatant about the corruption she wallowed in. I tried to tell her that, though our media would do everything they could to protect her, she had to at LEAST leave room for a little plausible deniability.

BB: What was her reaction? Continue reading

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