Hillary Clinton kenyan remark

A little humorous reminder that Hillary was the FIRST nutty “birther” when she claimed Obama might be Kenyan when she ran against him in 2008.

Recently Barack Obama and I set aside our differences because we just found out both our mothers happened to be named Martha. Now if THAT can’t bring people together I don’t know what else could. (I know, right.)

Anyway, Obama agreed to put some current events into context in this EXCLUSIVE one-on-one with Balladeer’s Blog.

BALLADEER’s BLOG: Just today even MORE bombshells from Clinton’s emails showing Hillary running a “pay for play” scam in which convenient “contributions” laundered through the criminal Clinton Foundation would earn donors official positions, either in the near future or in a future Hillary Administration. What is your take on that?

Hillary Clinton supporters

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OBAMA: Well, as you’re fond of pointing out, I myself emerged from the cesspool of Chicago politics so I’m no stranger to graft and corruption on a large scale but DAMN! This bitch just couldn’t control her greed and was so damn blatant about the corruption she wallowed in. I tried to tell her that, though our media would do everything they could to protect her, she had to at LEAST leave room for a little plausible deniability.

BB: What was her reaction?

OBAMA: She told me that she was making money illegally back when I was going out with cheerleaders and to shut up.

BB: A paraphrase of Moe Greene to Michael Corleone in the movie, right?

OBAMA: Yes. I said to her “Oh, WOMAN! Stealing a line from The Godfather? Do you have ANY class?”

BB: I can tell you’re morally outraged about this.

OBAMA: Damn right! She needs to make her pop culture references more diverse. I told her if she makes just ONE MORE remark taken from a movie by some white guy I would throw up my hands and be done with her.

BB: You realize that a novel came before the movie, right?

OBAMA: Say what, now?

BB: Never mind. What about the rising questions over Hillary’s health?

OBAMA: Listen, dude, all I know is that after each public appearance she makes, her staff disassembles her, packs her in her crate and ships her along to the next stop on the campaign.

PART TWO of this thought-provoking interview in a few days … 

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