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Birds by Aristophanes 1Balladeer’s Blog presents another examination of an ancient Greek political satire. This comedy by Aristophanes was one that I was planning on covering very soon when I started posting my reviews of Attic Old Comedy years ago. For various reasons it kept falling by the wayside.

Where am I going with this? For Aristophanes’ line “In Cloud-Cuckooland things become what they are called rather than being called what they are” make it “In Ivory Towerland things become what they are called rather than being called what they are.” But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Birds is Aristophanes’ lengthiest surviving comedy and also the most analyzed (some would say over-analyzed). So much has already been written about this particular work that I’ve decided to forego my usual intensive examination of every scene. Instead I’ll go with a brief synopsis followed by a way I feel The Birds could be adapted (as opposed to translated) for the present day. 


Birds by Aristophanes 2More than 2,300 years before George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, Aristophanes was dealing with some of the same political themes. 

Pisthetaerus and Euelpides, Athenians feeling alienated by the increasingly restrictive laws and lawsuits of their home city have left Athens behind to start over with a new society. Part of the comedy centers around the ages-old theme of how those who seek to overthrow oppression often wind up becoming the new oppressors themselves. (Think of the 1960s generation of American leftists who became just as oppressive as they claimed previous generations had been) 

Another Orwellian theme finds Aristophanes satirizing the way in which the ruling class in any society uses and corrupts language to strengthen the subjugation of the populace. The Birds even features the importance of religious and historical myths in any culture as the leaders of the new civilization conjure up an all-new cosmology with “the birds” at the center to justify their own rule. Continue reading


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New Real Peer ReviewNEW REAL PEER REVIEW – For several months I’ve been meaning to give a shoutout to the swashbuckling iconoclasts at New Real Peer Review. They hilariously use screen captures of tweets and “academic” (LMFAO) articles published by the Left-Wing Archie Bunkers and Faculty Lounge Fascists who pretend to be “educators” in America.

Forwarding New Real Peer Review’s items on your Gab.ai or Twitter account is one of the most fun ways of sharing the irrational and bigoted notions shoved down the throats of students by their close-minded “teachers”.

They’ll better appreciate the need to question the secular clergy members who masquerade as educators when they read for themselves what these Faculty Lounge Fascists consider to be Deep Thoughts: Continue reading

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