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Obama sad face 1Barack Obama has often been called “The piece of dog crap stubbornly clinging to the bottom of history’s shoes.” And with good reason. In the midst of this disputed 2020 Election the country just looked down and noticed that we all just stepped in a pile of Obama again.

The man once voted “The worst president of the post-World War 2 Era” (CBS News/ Quinnipiac Poll) recently slithered out to try lecturing the rest of the country. Hilarious! He was also called “The most unfit president ever.”

As we once again scrape that little demagogue off the bottoms of our shoes let’s revisit several items pointing out what a weak, inept and crooked president Barack was.

(And remember when a member of Obama’s administration resigned over having SHOT AT a police officer? I do.) Plus here’s a hilarious video that lists just a handful of the Obama scandals: (MEANWHILE, TRUMP’S APPROVAL RATING IS STILL AT 52%)

The piece of garbage called Obama is in no way fit to lecture the rest of us about anything.

And here are TWENTY BOOKS ABOUT OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SCANDALS. There are plenty more out there but I just went with the Top Twenty here:

Gangster Government

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT – Written by Columbia School of Journalism graduate David Freddoso.

The title Gangster Government would be the perfect title for any list of books about Obama.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: OBAMA AND HIS TEAM OF TAX CHEATS, CROOKS AND CRONIES – It’s been said that the Obama Administration may have been the most corrupt since the days of the Ohio Gang under Republican President Warren G Harding. This book details why.

Worst President in History

THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY: THE LEGACY OF BARACK OBAMA – Written by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, this thoroughly documented and highly detailed work of investigative journalism has been called “the definitive takedown of the Obama Presidency.”

THE SCANDALOUS PRESIDENCY OF BARACK OBAMA – Another of Matt Margolis’ blistering exposes of one of the most damaging and crooked presidencies in history.

THE OBAMA SCANDALS: THE TWENTY-TWO WORST OUTRAGES OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION – This riveting book was authored by Keith Koffler and is a must-read.

Commander In Failure

COMMANDER-IN-FAILURE: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN REFLECTS ON AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT AND HOW HE FAILED US ALL – Martin Luther King Person of Courage Kiara Ashanti penned this masterful deconstruction of the weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama.  

THE PEOPLE VS BARACK OBAMA – A very apt book title when it comes to the president who damaged the working class and the poor more than any other president of my lifetime. 

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