“I want DEAD COPS! Dead cops as far as the eye can see!”

Hey, not only does America’s Racist-in- Chief Barack Obama thrive on stirring up rednecks of color into shooting at cops on a regular basis, even his own WHITE HOUSE STAFF MEMBERS have taken to shooting at police.For once in their lives Obama and his staff members are leading by example!

That’s the case with Special Presidential Aide Barvetta Singletary (Obama will probably say “If I had a big sister she would look like Barvetta,” just like he always says male thugs and cop killers would look like his son if he had one). Singletary has resigned after being charged with assault for seizing a Capitol Police Officer’s gun and shooting at him with it.

Barvetta Singletary: If Obama had a big sister ...

Barvetta Singletary: If Obama had a big sister …

YES, THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Little Barry has pushed the racist notion that any time a cop approaches a bigoted black person that bigoted black person is justified in opening fire on them. This is why we’ve had this nationwide rash of black bigots shooting cops. The Obama legacy, ladies and gentlemen!

Okay, brainless and unquestioning Obama supporters! Time to try your usual lame excuses for this most inept and corrupt president in U.S. history! You repulsive little hypocrites would be talking about nothing BUT this incident forever if it happened under another president.

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  1. Obama and his staff are racist morons.

  2. Obama’s administration is a criminal operation.

  3. I’ll bet no other president except O’Scumbag has had this happen with one of their staff.

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  55. Obama’s legacy – race hatred and cop killing.

  56. Obama is a crook through and through.

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  62. Obama was the worst president you people ever had!

  63. Oleta

    Obama promoted violence against cops.

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