Somewhat belatedly, here are links to each installment of Balladeer’s Blog’s look at 1970s classics for Captain America and the Falcon.

ca f 156ONE: This four-part story dealt with Cap and Falc taking on the revived 1950s substitutes for Cap and Bucky. The worldviews of two Captain Americas from different decades came into conflict. Click HERE.

TWO: A three-part tale pitting our heroes against the Viper and the supervillain team called Crime Wave. Plus Captain America gains Spider-Man level strength. (That higher strength level lasted from 1973-1978.) Click HERE.

THREE: These three issues saw Captain America and the Falcon go up against the new supervillain Solarr as well as Captain America’s old foe Doctor Faustus. All this and the return of Peggy Carter! Click HERE.

ca f 163FOUR: While the Captain America-Sharon Carter-Peggy Carter drama continues, Cap and Falc take on Viper, Cobra and the Eel as the original Serpent Squad. In the second story, our heroes face the brand new super-villainess called Nightshade. Click HERE.

FIVE: In this three-parter Captain America and the Falcon clash with the Yellow Claw as he unleashes his master plan which has been years in the making. Click HERE

ca f 170SIX: The son of the original Baron Zemo tries to kill Cap, then the Falcon gets his wings from the Black Panther, following which Moonstone and the Committee to Regain America’s Principles launch their sinister coup attempt. Click HERE.

SEVEN: Three more chapters of Cap and Falc’s battle against Moonstone and his mysterious backers. Also, our heroes fight the mutant called Banshee and join forces with the X-Men. Click HERE.

ca f 175EIGHT: The final two parts of Captain America and the Falcon’s epic struggle against the Secret Empire and Moonstone. Featuring one of the most notorious endings in Marvel Comics history. Click HERE.

NINE: Thoroughly disillusioned by the shocking finale to the Secret Empire saga, Captain America quits his life of superheroing, while the Falcon takes on Lucifer, an old foe of Iron Man and the X-Men. Click HERE.

ca f 179TEN: These two issues cover the Falcon’s final encounter with the two-in-one Lucifers and his robots, then the menace of the Golden Archer as he stalks Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. Click HERE.

ELEVEN: Three more chapters: Steve Rogers adopts the new superhero identity Nomad and does battle with the new Serpent Squad and also gets help from his World War Two colleague the Sub-Mariner against Warlord Krang of Atlantis. Click HERE

ca f 183TWELVE: Four chapters wrap everything up. Captain America may have returned but so has the Red Skull, who unleashes one of his most dangerous and most scarring campaigns against Cap and Falc AND the entire United States.

              Secrets about the Falcon surface as do revelations about what the Red Skull was up to during his years-long absence. Click HERE.


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