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ca f 165CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE FALCON Vol 1 #165 (September 1973)

Title: The Yellow Claw Strikes

Villain: The Yellow Claw (later called the Golden Claw)

Synopsis: We pick up right where we left off last time around, on top of the walls around Grimrock Prison in Maryland, where Captain America and the Falcon defeated the supervillainess Nightshade. 

nick furyNick Fury, who arrived recently with several armed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in helicopters, is still explaining to Cap and Falc that Nightshade was being financed by the Yellow Claw. Fury and his agents arrived hoping to capture the Claw but that villain had already escaped.   

Things are still a bit tense between Cap and Nick because this is only their second face to face meeting since Contessa Valentina went back to Nick after making him think she was leaving him for Cap. (She did that to get back at Nick for the way he temporarily dumped HER for Laura Brown. What a Soap Opera.)

Fury, in a ridiculously irrational dispay of anger, tries accusing Steve and Sam (Cap & Falc) of screwing up S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attempt to arrest the Yellow Claw, even though our two heroes were lured to Grimrock Prison by Nightshade as part of her plan.

NOTE: The Yellow Claw had his own comic book series in the 1950s, when Marvel Comics was going by Atlas Comics (as in the distribution company). The Claw, a Chinese mastermind, was Marvel/ Atlas’ imitation of the iconic villain Fu Manchu.

          yellow claw cap and nick furyJust as Marvel revived some of their other 1950s characters like the Black Knight, they brought back the Yellow Claw, in his case in the pages of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ST #161 (October 1967). Marvel had also brought back the Claw’s heroic archenemy Jimmy Woo, now a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent himself.

Back to Cap and Nick’s argument, Fury warns our two heroes to leave the Yellow Claw to S.H.I.E.L.D. and not be wild cards getting in the mix. Cap heatedly reminds Nick that he has no authority over him and Falc.

A medic taking care of the Falcon in his tattered uniform from last issue interrupts the argument to say that Falc will be fine after his ordeal of being one of Nightshade’s human guinea pigs. The Falcon weighs in on the side of just letting Fury and his agents handle the Yellow Claw so he and Cap can get back to their normal lives in their civilian identities of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

Captain America tells Falc that he is still going after the Claw no matter what Nick says, but obviously he is free to return to his life in Harlem and his lady Leila Taylor. Falcon takes a copter ride back to New York with Nick Fury while Cap rides his motorcycle back to Virginia so he can say goodbye to the still-recovering Peggy Carter and her sister Sharon.

We now cut from that morning to Midnight that evening. Along the waterfront of the Chinatown area of New York City, the Yellow Claw oversees his underlings loading a coffin-shaped container into the building that serves as an entranceway to his vast subterranean hideout.

He orders them away so he can be alone as he regards the figure in the transparent container – his beautiful grand-niece Suwan.

Yellow ClawNOTE: Just as the Yellow Claw was a pastiche of Fu Manchu, Suwan was Marvel/ Atlas’ imitation of Fah Lo Suee, Fu Manchu’s treacherous daughter who formed her own rival faction of the Si-Fan assassins. Fah Lo Suee had also at one point fallen in love with Shan Greville, one of the British men working with Sir Denis Nayland-Smith against her father.

           Suwan had fallen in love with Jimmy Woo in the 1950s comic books and behind her grand-uncle’s back often helped Jimmy thwart the Yellow Claw’s plans.

Back in the “present” of this story, the Claw’s spoken musings let us readers know that soon after the end of his 1950s undertakings in 1957 (when his series was canceled in real life), he got wise to Suwan’s treacherous nature and imposed a chemical state of suspended animation on her.

He didn’t kill her because of his dynastic ambitions. He still wants descendants, the flesh of his flesh and blood of his blood, to rule his empire some day. The villain makes an enigmatic reference to at last having found a way to have her provide him with great-grand nephews and nieces while not interfering with his evil plans.

Before the Yellow Claw can elaborate, he is interrupted by one of his servants, letting him know his “guest” has arrived. The villain goes to another room in his sprawling underground lair and meets with Commander Fong of the Communist Chinese Navy.

As part of the alliance the Communist Chinese government made with the Yellow Claw in 1956, Commander Fong has surreptitiously brought to the Yellow Claw a nuclear submarine equipped with multiple warheads and state of the art stealth technology. It is now ported in the Hudson River canal loch of our villain’s subterranean HQ. 

As their conversation continues, the Yellow Claw eventually disabuses Commander Fong of the notion that the Claw is still willing to cooperate with the CCP. Now that he has the nuclear sub he does not need them anymore. Our villain has his own soldiers open fire on Fong’s men and a heavy firefight blazes.

The Claw tips the balance in favor of his own troops by using his hypno-tech to make Fong’s surviving men shoot Fong to death and then kill each other. While his men clean up the dead bodies, the Claw does a Villain Rant stating that this time he will succeed in taking over the entire world.

We cut now to morning at the Carter Estate in Northern Virginia, where Captain America has spent the night with Sharon Carter, saying his temporary goodbyes to her. They both still feel guilty about keeping their romance a secret from Peggy, who recently emerged from her decades-long amnesia and catatonia.

NOTE: Peggy “woke up” believing Cap was still her man like during World War Two and had been waiting for her. To avoid risking her relapsing into a coma or amnesia, Steve and Sharon have been letting Peggy think she and Cap are still a couple.     

As Cap and Sharon prepare to part for now, he invites her to come along and help him against the Yellow Claw, since she herself was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent until recently. Sharon says that her sister Peggy still needs her, so she will stay there with her parents and Peggy.

Steve and Sharon kiss but cut it short as they hear Peggy approaching. Cap says he was just on his way to say bye to her, since he is needed in New York City. Peggy expresses concern and informs Cap that a campaign of anti-Captain America advertisements has been deluging television, radio and newspapers.

NOTE: Cap and the others don’t yet know that this is the anti-Cap campaign launched by the shady Madison Avenue allies of his old foe the Viper. Steve tries to shrug it off, since J Jonah Jameson has been blasting Spider-Man for years, albeit just in New York City, not across the whole country.

Cap says goodbye, mounts his motorcycle and rides off for Manhattan, pondering the ad campaign, and wondering if the Yellow Claw is behind it like he was behind Nightshade.

Our hero arrives in New York City late in the afternoon just as the Yellow Claw unleashes a horde of his gigantic spider creations from the sewers and onto the streets around the Lincoln Tunnel. Cap ditches his motorcycle and starts attacking the creatures, killing as many as he can with his shield and his super-strength.

NOTE: This was during the 1973-1978 period when Cap had gained Spider-Man level strength.

Various cops try to help Cap as the spiders kill plenty of cops and plenty of men, women and children on the New York streets. Panic spreads through the city. Some of the cops are distrustful of Cap due to the public campaign painting him as a secretive, dangerous man who considers himself above the law.

After the battle goes on for a time, the Yellow Claw has a sky-writer fly overhead, telling the world this is “Only the beginning” of what he has in store. Next, the villain overrides all radios and other broadcasts in the area to broadcast a high-pitched sonic whine that the giant spiders have been trained to obey.

The spiders rush back to their underground hiding spots before additional superheroes can get involved. Captain America follows them through the sewers and through old, abandoned subway tunnels and finally to halls adjacent to the Yellow Claw’s subterranean hideout.

We cut to Leila Taylor’s apartment in Harlem, where, per the comic book-safe euphemisms used, she and the Falcon have been oinking and boinking. Sam is in his costume, since Leila does not yet know he is really social worker Sam Wilson, whom she finds boring.

The couple get news reports about the giant spiders unleashed by the Yellow Claw and how they were opposed by Captain America, who has not been seen since. The Falcon contemplates going to try to help his partner Cap, but is interrupted by Morgan, Marvel Comics’ crime lord of Harlem.

Morgan has gotten word through the street about how Falc feels second-rate ever since Captain America got his increased strength. He offers to provide the Falcon with stolen technology or high-tech weaponry to amp him up. In exchange, he wants Falc to work for him, but to feel free to clamp down on his criminal rivals.

The Falcon angrily turns Morgan down, embarrassed that his feelings have become known around the neighborhood. Morgan tells Falc to think it over, saying this is his last chance to work for the crime boss before he gets violent with Falcon … and Leila. Our hero and Leila leave in a huff.

The Falcon is especially mortified about his desire for more powers, since now even criminals are trying to strike Faustian bargains with him to boost his abilities.

NOTE: These feelings will shortly lead to the Falcon asking the Black Panther to use Wakandan technology to give him his wings, so that he will be able to fly and once again feel equal to Captain America.

Back beneath New York City, Captain America is now facing some of the Yellow Claw’s high-tech security measures in the tunnels leading up to his HQ. He survives them all and penetrates into the villain’s lair.

Once inside, he comes face to face with the Yellow Claw himself, clad in his body armor which boosts his strength and durability. Soon, just when Cap seems to have downed the villain, the Claw shuts off his hypno-tech, revealing that the fallen man is really Nick Fury.

Both Cap and Nick were deceived by the Yellow Claw into thinking they were fighting HIM but were really fighting each other. Thanks to Cap’s immense strength, Fury lies dead before him. (Obviously, he just SEEMS dead.)

As Captain America reels with horror at the way he has apparently killed Nick Fury, the Yellow Claw appears on a nearby view screen to taunt him about it.

ca f 166CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE FALCON Vol 1 #166 (October 1973)

Title: Night of the Lurking Dead

Villain: The Yellow Claw

Synopsis: We pick up with the Claw still mocking our hero about murdering Nick Fury, who had penetrated his lair shortly before Cap himself did. The giant spiders had killed all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that Fury brought with him.

The Yellow Claw shuts off the viewscreen and his visage fades. He has sealed off the chamber to let Cap die when his oxygen runs out and, in typical pulp villain stupidity, the Claw doesn’t stick around to make sure his foe is dead.

Captain America notices that Nick Fury still shows faint signs of life but he needs to get him to medical aide quickly. Cap uses his shield to bash his way out past the sealed door and then fights and kills the giant scorpion (yes, a giant scorpion this time) that the Yellow Claw sics on him. 

cap claw nickWhile hustling Nick Fury’s body to S.H.I.E.L.D. doctors, Cap wonders what the Chinese mastermind may be up to with his giant spiders and scorpions. He reflects on how the Claw deserves his reputation as the Master of Terror.

Cut to later, as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s doctors tell Cap that despite their skill and all the state of the art technology that they have, he may have done too much damage to Fury’s body for him to survive. He is still in critical condition.   

Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan, Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine now join Cap and the doctors. The Contessa, Agent 14, is not her usual self because of her worry over her beloved Nick’s life.

Val insinuates that it was anger over his and Fury’s recent arguments that spurred the wounds Cap inflicted on Nick. She closes with “I think you WANTED this!” before Dugan tells her to stow that nonsense.   

Steve explains the circumstances to Val and Dum Dum (I know I’d want MY deputy director to sport the nickname “Dum Dum”) and how Nick was hypnotized into thinking HE (Cap) was the Yellow Claw and was fighting just as hard. The Contessa replies “So YOU say!” Dugan tells her the matter is closed and that Steve’s explanation matches the Claw’s abilities.

Cut to the Yellow Claw at his lair, where he is consulting with one of his assistants Hop Sung (probably a Hop Sing joke). The “type” and levels of radiation that will cause arachnids like spiders and scorpions to grow to enormous size are now perfected.

The missiles on the nuclear sub that the villain now has can be modified to match that radiation. When he unleashes the sub’s nuclear warheads on major cities in America, not only will millions die but spiders and scorpions who survive will grow to huge size and prey on the survivors of the nuclear strikes. This will further spread terror and chaos.

By using China’s sub to implicate that country in the nuclear attacks, he hopes that America will retaliate against China, while he and his organization lurk waiting to capitalize on the situation. Before he can further elaborate on his plans, the Claw is distracted by his grand-niece’s body in her transparent casket.

He does another Villain Rant at her unconscious form, recapping his reasons for subjecting her to suspended animation. He also makes further cryptic references to how she will still be able to carry on his line for him so that “his own” can rule over the world he will soon conquer.

We now cut to Steve Rogers in his civilian clothing walking the streets worried about Nick Fury, who is still barely clinging to life. With the Contessa blaming him for Nick’s current state, he doesn’t want to go to his and Sharon’s apartment, since S.H.I.E.L.D. knows about that place.

Steve goes to his old apartment building from when he was leading a double life as a New York City cop, but sees that his old apartment has been rented out to a woman now. He also sees some of the anti-Captain America ads, including one that ponders how many innocent people have died because of Cap’s foes launching attacks on him.

Steve resumes wandering the city, then uses a pay phone to call Sharon Carter in Virginia. The worried Sharon tells him that after he left, Peggy got antsy and then disappeared, heading off to who knows where.

Steve and Sharon are worried about her. They remind each other that Peggy was an ace secret agent during World War Two, but she hasn’t seen any real action in nearly three decades. Plus she’s much older now.

Cut to Harlem, where the Falcon comes upon a gang of armed men robbing a neighborhood savings & loan. He defeats all of the robbers and recovers all the money, prompting the gathered crowd to cheer him like crazy.

Leila is among the crowd and is suitably impressed. When they get the latest news that Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in critical condition after he and Captain America had penetrated the Yellow Claw’s lair, Falc again ponders finding Steve to help him. Leila, as always, wants him to ditch Cap and discourages him from going.

Late that night, at the Museum of Natural History, the Yellow Claw has broken in with several aides, two of whom are carrying the container with his grand-niece Suwan. They all set up chemicals and certain alchemical compounds for the Claw in the Egyptology Section, near the mummy of Princess Fan-Le-Tamen.

The villain goes to work, telling his men that the procedure he has planned will take precisely 56 minutes. One of the Yellow Claw’s men missed one of the security guards that were supposed to be killed. He has the underling who failed kill the guard now and then kill himself for his failure.

Unknown to the Claw, that security guard had already radioed for help, which will impact the situation shortly.

On a Harlem rooftop, the Falcon shows off for Leila, demonstrating the elaborate new tricks he has taught his falcon Redwing for use in combat. Suddenly, Peggy Carter intrudes upon the scene. She tells the Falcon how she slipped out of her parents’ mansion in Virginia and made her way to New York.

Once here she headed for Harlem to find HIM, hoping he would know where she could find Cap. Redwing gets Falc’s attention, and he sees that Steve Rogers in his civvies is arriving. (It is Leila’s apartment building.)

Thinking quickly, the Falcon says he needs to take care of some quick business and asks Leila to take Peggy to her apartment until he can come back. Next, he cuts off Steve down at the street level and the two sit on the stairs outside the apartment building, updating each other on everything that’s happened since they parted company in Maryland a few days ago.

In the middle of their conversation, the Falcon’s police band radio picks up a report that a security guard called in that the Yellow Claw and several accomplices have broken into the Museum of Natural History. Steve dons his Captain America costume, then he and the Falcon rush to the museum.

Cap uses his Avengers authority to get the cops to stay outside the museum, keeping the place surrounded, while he and the Falcon go inside to take on the Yellow Claw and company. Not long after entering the place, our heroes are attacked by three huge (and incongruously muscular) Egyptian mummies which the Claw revived and placed on guard.

Cap and Falc defeat the mummies, having to completely dismember them since they keep on attacking until they are thus dealt with. Next they move on and come across the Yellow Claw just as he is about to finish off his combined chemical/ alchemical/ mystical procedure.

The villain has our heroes attacked by two more of his creatures – in this case two Hulk-sized dead Chinese men reanimated as zombies by the Claw’s dark science. The enormous zombies are strong enough to hold both Cap and Falc motionless no matter how much they struggle.

The Yellow Claw taunts our heroes as he finishes what he’s doing. This causes the mummy of Princess Fan-Le-Tamen to rise. The mummified corpse shambles to the now-open casket containing Suwan’s unconscious body and collapses on top of her.

Amid dust and smoke, something uncanny happens, and Suwan comes to and rises from her own coffin now. Her features twist from her usual benevolent facial expression into an evil leer of triumph. The Yellow Claw boasts to Captain America and the Falcon that Fan-Le-Tamen’s soul has now occupied and animated his grand-niece’s body.

This will give the Claw the best of both worlds – Suwan will no longer interfere with his plans, since her body is now under the command of the ambitious, ever-conquering Princess Fan-Le-Tamen. AND, he will still get to have Suwan’s body serve to continue his family line when the princess takes carefully selected lovers.

The exultant Yellow Claw rejoices that, thanks to the rest of his plan, he and the reborn princess will together be ruthless enough to seize and rule the world.

ca f 167CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE FALCON Vol 1 #167 (November 1973)

Title: Ashes to Ashes

Villain: The Yellow Claw

Synopsis: Captain America has at last positioned himself to use his super-strength to judo-flip the zombie holding him, then helps the Falcon free himself from the grip of the zombie holding him. The two battle the monsters, who seem incapable of feeling pain. 

The Yellow Claw comes to the aid of his two undead creatures, using the enhanced strength and protection of his body armor to help them fight Cap and Falc. Soon our heroes lie unconscious before the Claw and the princess.

As usual in pulp fiction, rather than just kill the heroes while they are helpless, the Yellow Claw has his zombies and other underlings set up an elaborate death-trap for Captain America and the Falcon. He has his two hulking zombies use steel cables to tie the heroes to a 15 feet (or so) tall Egyptian statue, then has his other men position two crossbows aimed at Cap and Falc. The crossbows are set to shoot poison-tipped arrows at the hearts of Steve and Sam after a few minutes.

Needless to say, the villains do not stick around to make sure the death-trap works, but instead flee the scene.

contessa valCut to the S.H.I.E.L.D. hospital room of Nick Fury. The Contessa sits at his bedside, consumed with worry and vowing to have Cap’s head if Nick dies. Nick starts whispering fragmentary, unintelligible remarks. Val goes to find a doctor or nurse who might be able to help, when one of the Yellow Claw’s agents slips in and tries to finish off Fury at the behest of his master.

The Contessa returns just in time to save Nick’s life and outfights the Claw’s assassin, who then takes his own life to avoid capture. Dugan joins Val at Fury’s bedside and they combine their efforts to make sense of what Nick is trying to whisper.

Back with Cap and Falc, just in time Steve uses his super-strength to topple sideways the statue he and Sam are bound to. The arrows fire but strike empty air and the fallen statue crumbles apart, letting our heroes slip free.

Cap, Falc and the cops search the entire museum but find no trace of the Yellow Claw and the others, so they head to Sam Wilson’s office in Harlem. Sam will let Steve sleep there since S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t know the Falcon’s secret identity, so Contessa Valentina will not know to look for Cap there if she comes gunning for him.

The next morning, Sharon Carter now shows up, entering Sam’s office since she did not find Steve at their shared apartment. They kiss and cuddle and agonize over their situation. Sam arrives, so he and Steve don their costumes and take Sharon to Leila’s apartment to reunite the two Carter sisters.

After pleasantries all around, Cap firmly makes it clear to Peggy that she must not try to follow him and the Falcon into battle like she did against the Serpent Squad in Virginia. Peggy cries but accepts it, so Sharon takes her to her apartment while Cap and Falc head for the S.H.I.E.L.D. hospital.

Meanwhile, at a military airstrip in New Jersey, a security-cleared delegation of U.N. representatives watch as the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier flies overhead. They board a jet to take the U.N. reps onto the helicarrier, since United Nations personnel are entitled to periodically inspect the internationally funded vessel.

The Yellow Claw and Princess Fan-Le-Tamen in Suwan’s body, disguised as now-dead U.N. reps, slip away to continue the Claw’s elaborate plan. They overcome a few guards on the helicarrier then pump into the air system the exotic nerve gas that the villain mined from beneath the Arctic ice in the 1956 story Sleeping City.

He and Princess Fan/ Suwan’s body take the antidote to the gas which renders everyone else on the helicarrier unconscious. With nobody conscious to staff the defenses, the Yellow Claw’s troops are flown to the helicarrier in multiple aircraft.

They, too, have the antidote to the gas, so the Claw and his forces have complete control of the vessel. Anyone else who enters will be knocked out by the gas which lingers indefinitely.

Shortly, the villain will have the sub from China launch the modified nuclear missiles, wiping out several cities plus millions of lives. The spreading radiation and fallout will mutate arachnids (insects would be too plentiful and thus hard to control) like spiders and scorpions to giant size. Controlled sonically like the spiders in the New York City attack, those creatures will be used remotely by the Yellow Claw.

From on board the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, he, Princess Fan/ Suwan and his troops will wait out the nuclear blasts, any reprisal strikes at China, and the rampage of the mutated arachnids. When the time is ripe, he and his forces, using the helicarrier as an additional weapon, will make their move to mop up their opponents.         

Cut to the hospital room of Nick Fury. Cap and Falc have arrived to update Dugan on last night’s encounter with the Claw and his forces. The Contessa is again erratic, insisting Cap leave Nick’s room. The scene is interrupted by fresh mumbling from Fury, mumbling which this time can be understood as a warning that, in the Claw’s HQ, he learned that he plans to seize the helicarrier.

Our heroes plus Dugan and the Contessa gather a squad to join them in trying to get to the helicarrier now.

Cut to later, on the flying headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D. – the Yellow Claw’s men have found the Yellow Claw robot that Dr Doom once used to try to fool Nick Fury and his agents. They inventory it along with all the other high-tech devices now in their clutches.

At length, Captain America, the Falcon, Dugan, Contessa Valentina and other S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives invade the helicarrier, having flown up to it via the rocket jet-packs formerly used by Sharon Carter, Val and other members of the organization’s Fem-Force.

They did not know, of course, that the Yellow Claw’s Arctic gas was still in the air and, one by one, they lapse into unconsciousness. With Cap’s strength he is the last one to fall. The Claw and Princess Fan/ Suwan gloat over the fallen and unconscious heroes.

The Yellow Claw ultimately wraps up his Villain Rant by saying “A new order is rising in this world, and it is MINE!”

suwan princess fanPrincess Fan/ Suwan replies, “No, it is MINE” and pumps a few bullets into the Claw’s exposed flesh between the folds of his body armor. She wickedly points out that unlike Suwan, she won’t betray him in order to save Jimmy Woo and/or the world. Instead she – Princess Fan-Le-Tamen – is betraying him to hijack his plan from right under him now that it is set to be launched. He was right about the princess’ ambition and ruthlessness, but was foolish to think she would accept a secondary place to him in ruling the world.

Next, the villainess says “Good bye, Yellow Claw. When I am ruling the world, I MAY remember you.”

As nearly all fictional villains do, she walks off, assuming the Yellow Claw is dead. He’s not, and to get revenge on her for shanghaiing (as it were) his master plan, he drags himself through his own blood to reach the unconscious Captain America, Falcon, Dugan and Contessa.

The Claw forces some of the antidote into their mouths, which lets them regain consciousness. He manages to let them know Princess Fan-Le-Tamen has taken over his plan and must be stopped. Cap and Falc run off to stop the princess.

Steve and Sam come across Fan-Le-Tamen barking out orders to her troops and attack. Cap and Falc are able to overcome and defeat her nearby men while Dugan and Val use S.H.I.E.L.D. ventilation systems to force all of the lingering nerve gas outside the helicarrier, letting the rest of the agents and personnel regain consciousness.

Now hopelessly outnumbered, the princess’ troops are mopped up by Captain America, the Falcon and the legions of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Meanwhile, the Yellow Claw, through his iron will, has managed to recite an incantation which undoes the procedure which let the Egyptian princess possess the body of his grand-niece Suwan. That done, Princess Fan/ Suwan ages rapidly and collapses into ashes.

By the time our heroes have pieced together what all has happened, the Claw has dragged himself to one of the jets that brought his men on board and has flown off. He weakly transmits a message to Cap and the others telling them that his nearly fatal injuries and the loss of his chosen successor have set back his plans for years, but he will return one day.

(Hey, it’s no Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu saying “The world shall hear from me again” but it will have to do.)








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  2. Kenny Holmes

    I enjoy how you edit out inconsistencies and mistakes in the comics as you go.

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    I never knew the yellow claw went all the way back to the 1950s.

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