Readers reminded me that I did not post an easy-reference post containing the links to each chapter of my reviews of 1970s Spider-Man classics, so here it is, belatedly!

spidey 114ONE: While searching for the missing Aunt May, Spider-Man gets caught up in the ongoing gang war between Dr Octopus and Hammerhead to see who will succeed the arrested Kingpin as crime boss of New York. Click HERE.

TWO: Spider-Man investigates what Dr Octopus is keeping from Aunt May, battles the Hulk in Canada and fails to save Gwen Stacy from the returned Green Goblin. Click HERE.

THREE: J Jonah Jameson hires Luke Cage, Power Man, to bring in Spider-Man for Norman Osborn’s death. Meanwhile, Jameson’s astronaut son John is transformed into a were-creature by a rock he brought back from the moon. Click HERE.

FOUR: Spider-Man helps Daredevil and the Black Widow defeat the supervillain called Ramrod, then faces his returned foe the Kangaroo. Click HERE.

spider man number 129FIVE: A mysterious new foe called the Jackal sics the Punisher on Spider-Man, then follows that up by setting him in the middle of the renewed Dr Octopus vs Hammerhead war. Click HERE.

SIX: Liz Allen reenters Peter Parker’s life just in time for Spider-Man’s latest clash with the Molten Man. Click HERE.

SEVEN: First Spider-Man battles the alliance of Morbius the Living Vampire and the Man-Wolf, then helps his old friend Dr Strange against the sorceror Xandu. Click HERE.

EIGHT: A new supervillain called the Tarantula hijacks a Hudson River tour boat, necessitating the intervention of Spider-Man and the Punisher. Click HERE.

NINE: Harry Osborn follows in his late father’s footsteps as the new Green Goblin and wages war on Spider-Man. Click HERE.

TEN: Peter Parker temporarily moves in with Flash Thompson and faces a mutant supervillain called the Mindworm, then helps the former Avenger Hercules save New York City from the City-Stealers. Click HERE.

spider man 139ELEVEN: Spider-Man teams up with Shang-Chi to thwart the latest scheme of Shang’s father Fu Manchu, then battles the returned Jackal and his new ally the Grizzly. Click HERE.

TWELVE: The Falcon and Spider-Man take on the supervillain called Midas, following which Spider-Man faces the latest revenge plan of Mysterio. Click HERE.

THIRTEEN: After Spider-Man and the Punisher stop the atrocities committed by Moses Magnum, the new villain called Cyclone holds J Jonah Jameson for ransom. Click HERE.

FOURTEEN: The Jackal preys upon Peter Parker/ Spider-Man’s feelings of guilt over Gwen Stacy’s death and teams up with the Scorpion to kill the hero. Click HERE.

FIFTEEN: The Jackal recruits the Tarantula in his war against Spider-Man as Peter Parker and Ned Leeds try to delve into the Jackal’s true identity. Click HERE.

SIXTEEN: Secrets are exposed in the deadly conclusion of the Jackal’s vendetta against Spider-Man. Click HERE.



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  1. Your work is always very good. Thanks for this post, and for all that you publish.

  2. Keith Hyttenin

    This should have been done as a movie long ago.

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