Stop the Steal signDe facto Third Party President Donald Trump, the hero of the working class and the poor against America’s corrupt political system, just picked up a few more First Downs on his desperation drive down the field with time running out in the 4th Quarter. A Judge has blocked final certification of Pennsylvania’s results pending a further hearing on Friday. (link below) 

In Nevada a similar judicial action handed Trump another chance to present evidence regarding the already infamous levels of vote fraud in the tainted 2020 election. (link below) PLUS, in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, final results of that House race are on hold as well, over fraud-friendly “mail-in” ballots being filled out in the name of dead people. (link below) This country’s already well-known political corruption is being exposed even more with each passing day.

UPDATE: Privileged white male one-percenter and Techno Fascist Jack Dorsey’s Twitter has banned the account of Doug Mastriano, the Pennsylvania State Senator who organized the Gettysburg Election Integrity Hearing. Dorsey and his ilk were elected by nobody but they are appointing themselves judges of what the rest of us are allowed to discuss and hear about. They are garbage. Absolute garbage.

For the Pennsylvania story.   MORE PA FRAUD EVIDENCE.

For the Nevada story.

For the New York story

Trump is Serpico


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  1. hocuspocus13

    That’s what happens when you have more VOTES then VOTERS

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  4. Someone

    Nice post here analyzing Sidney Powell’s GA court filing with links to filing in GA and MI:

    If Trump does nothing else with his last days on earth but crush these corrupt bastards, he will be a hero to many.

    I’m so thankful for Al Gore’s invention of the internet. How else would we the people be able to access to read these public records given the crap media these days. If people could not watch this for themselves, this election would have been a done deal. It amaze me how Trump has exposed the parasitic rats in both parties from the federal to state level.

    The president made a good showing at the PA hearings yesterday. I encourage people to download these things and try to read them. It’s not hard really to follow if you read tech stuff anyway. A bit MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over), but it’s important to do it yourself so you can understand what is being argued and not let the media lie to you. Plenty of affidavits and interviews of poll watchers on the internet.

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  6. Someone

    House of Representatives
    Session of 2019 – 2020 Regular Session
    Posted: November 27, 2020 12:50 PM
    From: Representative Russ Diamond and Rep. Eric R. Nelson, Rep. Paul Schemel, Rep. Greg Rothman, Rep. Francis X. Ryan, Rep. Dawn W. Keefer, Rep. Mike Jones, Rep. David H. Rowe, Rep. Michael J. Puskaric, Rep. Barbara Gleim, Rep. Bud Cook, Rep. Cris Dush, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, Rep. David H. Zimmerman, Rep. Daryl D. Metcalfe, Rep. David M. Maloney, Sr., Rep. Dan Moul, Rep. Brad Roae, Rep. Kathy L. Rapp, Rep. Jim Cox, Rep. Rob W. Kauffman
    To: All House members
    Subject: RESOLUTION Disputing the 2020 General Election Statewide Contest Results

    In the immediate future, we will be introducing the following resolution:

  7. Emily

    Stop the Steal! President Trump is a great man!

  8. Chandra

    I love how Trump keeps fighting! He scares the left so much!

  9. Malik

    You Americans have the most crooked elections in the world if Joe Biden is supposed to be taken seriously as the winner.

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