democrat voterDe facto Third Party President Donald Trump, who has helped the working class and the poor more than any other president of my lifetime, has been fighting America’s cesspool of corruption for years now. Paul Weston in the U.K. weighs in on the ramifications of the blatant, in-your-face vote fraud which took place in 2020 and Trump’s ongoing struggle against it.


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  1. hocuspocus13

    Don’t worry about those “struggles” they’re not

    The street level courts (local courts) were never going to side with Trump they’re bought and paid for and part of the problem

    Trump’s team can now swiftly move on to the higher courts where I have no doubt Trump will win

    Keep in mind Trump’s team have the servers seized from Germany

    Tomorrow or Tuesday Trump’s lawyers are filing charges in GA no word on exactly what those charges are they are keeping them quiet

    But it was stated by lawyer that they are devastating with corruption

  2. Someone

    Ah, nothing like hearing from a citizen of a long lost empire. At least he is one of the more sensible ones. Everything he said is on point. I continue to be amazed on LinkedIn at the overt stupidity of ‘edumucated’ people with professional degrees who can’t grasp that the rest of the election has not been certified and there is no ‘Office of the President Elect’.


    I hope the stuff about the servers seized in Germany are true. I watched the 1.5 hours news conference with Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna. The crap media continues to claim this not evidence of anything. If the revolution comes, almost every establishment media douche needs to be on a pike.

    • I agree, the number of people who don’t know or who have already forgotten how much time goes by before certification, etc is mind-boggling. Especially since most anti-Trump fascists even went so far in 2016 as to try intimidating the members of the Electoral College to change their votes from Trump to Hillary. I agree our media is 90-plus percent Democrat house organs, and I will once again say that the clueless buffoons who ran the Republican Party should have kept up with the Democrats in the media arms race.

      • Someone

        Most of the Republicans are simply POS’s. I saw a couple minute video tweet of a caller in to Rush Limbaugh’s show last week or so, and he pointed out that we did not see single damn Republican of prominence at the MAGA rally in DC. He was almost in tears on the call.

        I know Ted Cruz and maybe a handful of others are doing something sort of useful, but the caller is right. Why doe we see AOC and the cast of human debris on the left but never on the right? I’d guess that most GOP’ers are in it for the graft as well. If this election stands we can never have any hope of a stable nation long term.

      • I certainly agree. Romney and McCain were always so eager to crawl on their bellies for the same forces which labeled them Nazis and sexists when they ran for the presidency. Such garbage.

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  5. Someone

    Let’s hope so! I can’t see how any rational person at this point can say there is no evidence of anything.


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